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Kauffman's Fruit Farm and Market Warehouse about 1948 with John Kauffman's 1948 Chrysler
Kauffman's market about 1948 with John Kauffman's daughter Reba beside John's 1948 Chrysler.

Kauffman's "Bird-In-Hand Brand" Orchard Products have been recognized and enjoyed since the early 1900's. Founder Amos L. Kauffman planted the first fruit trees in 1911, and today the 3rd, 4th, & 5th generations operate the business. Our warehouse and country market are located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country, along Rt. 340 between the villages of Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse (directions). Our nearby orchards produce over 135 varieties of tree fruits on 100 acres and are managed with a visionary focus that watches changing consumer needs and national market conditions.

Dave Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Dave Kauffman

Dave is our grocery department and deli manager as well as President of the Board of Directors. He is our longest continuously-employed worker, having been active here since 1973 when he returned from serving at a mission in Washington, D.C. Dave's wife Mary sometimes fills in at the deli and checkouts, and two of their five sons (Glenn and Tony) work here full time.

Ken Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Ken Kauffman

As outgoing orchard manager, Ken’s duties for the past twenty years have included oversight of our 100 acres of prime orchard land - including all facets of fruit production and harvest - plus serving as Corporate Secretary. Now, as assistant orchard manager advising his son Clair, he continues his involvement in day-to-day orchard activities and continues serving on our board of directors. Ken and his wife Ellen have six children and twenty grandchildren. Helpful Hint: Dave and Ken are brothers and Nancy, our secretary, is their sister.
Sam Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Sam Kauffman

Sam works in orchard management and serves on the board of directors. He owns the Kauffman's market stand in Lancaster City's Central Market, which was originally started by Kauffman's Fruit Farm and still sells Kauffman products. Sam's son Daniel and daughters Monica and Miriam are full-time employees at Kauffman's. Helpful hint: Sam is a cousin of Dave and Ken, and they are grandsons of A. L. Kauffman, the founder of our company.

Carl Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Carl Kauffman

Carl directs the harvesting of our peach crop each summer, is the delivery driver you probably see most often, and oversees maintenance on our fleet of delivery trucks. He and his wife, Judy, have six energetic children whom we expect to contribute significantly to Kauffman’s success in years to come. Actually, that's happening now, as most of their children are already employed part-time.

Norman Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit Farm Directors

Norman Kauffman

Norman oversees parts of our market including our homegrown fruit, the produce department, and the bulk food section, and serves as Treasurer of the company. His wife Wanda and daughter Kathi work in the market as they’re needed. Sons Lonnie and Stanley and daughter Jenny are full-time employees at Kauffman's. Helpful Hint: Carl and Norman are brothers and their father, Raymond, is a cousin to Dave, Ken, and Sam.

Tony Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Tony Kauffman

Vice-President of our board of directors, Tony has been in charge of our cider department since 2000. This includes management of incoming truck loads of juice apples, cider pressing and flash-pasteurization, and our shiny-clean bottling room. Tony and Jody have five children, including twin girls. Their oldest is now in 6th grade. Helpful Hint: Michael and Tony are sons of Dave.

Clair Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Clair Kauffman

Previously our assistant wholesale manager, Clair is transitioning to the role of orchard manager. Additionally, he is director of Human Resources and the Peeled Apple Department manager (no wonder he's always hustling about!). Clair and his wife, Anna, have four children; their oldest is 9 years old. Clair, Carl, Norman, Michael, and Tony complete several four-generation lines of family members who have worked on our fruit farm since A. L. Kauffman founded the business in 1911. Helpful Hint: Clair is a son of Ken.

Lonnie Kauffman - Kauffman's Fruit  Farm Directors

Lonnie Kauffman

The newest member of our board of directors and serving as Board Secretary, Lonnie is our computer network and website manager, provides some training classes to our staff, and does graphic design and advertising. He and his wife, Shannon, welcomed their first child, a boy, in May (2013). Lonnie is a 5th-generation fruit-growing Kauffman, as calculated from when A. L. Kauffman planted those first fruit trees in 1911. Helpful Hint: Lonnie is a son of Norman.


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