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This complete line of homestyle Jams, Jellies, and Spreads is made using quality fruit ingredients. Customers in our Bird-in-Hand market often comment on the delicious real-fruit flavor. Many flavors have SUGAR-FREE versions too - called Spreads. "JAM" indicates a jelly with little bits of actual fruit in it; "JELLY" is what most folks think of when they hear the word, a more strained type of fruit topping; and "SPREAD" is a sugar-free jam or jelly.
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Cherry Jalapeno Jam
Packed out with plump sweet red cherries and spicy jalapenos, this is a jam not many folks will want to miss!
9 oz. Jar
Elderberry Jelly
Elderberry Jelly - just the thing for a wholesome, feel-good breakfast full of flavorful and fresh berry flavor,

Half Pint/9 oz
Pineapple Jam
Besides the bread spread and ham glaze usages, shouldn't you also be thinking about the cookie filling option?

Half Pint/9 oz
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