2021 More Detailed Pick Your Own Information Coming Soon!


We will be open on Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM starting MID-JUNE

Approximate Harvest Schedule

Cherries: Mid-lLte June

Peaches: Early July – Early September

Plums: July and August

Pears: Mid-August to Mid-September

Apples: August - October

Zinnias: August – October

Sunflowers: August – October

Pumpkins: September-October

Strawberries: Coming in spring of ’22!

Ripening dates are approximate.  Pick Your Own may be closed at any time due to adverse weather.  



A minimum purchase of $40 is required for each vehicle. Fruit is priced by volume and prepaid containers can be purchased at check-in. Please pick only what you can fit in the containers you purchased.

Additional fruit will require the purchase of additional containers.

Your purchase includes a wagon ride for your entire party, fun, education, and chance to pet the goats!








Quart Box



½ Peck or Peck



Quart or ½ Peck



½ Peck or Peck



½ Peck, Peck, or ½ Bushel



Quart Container



Small, Medium, Large


Drive-in, Tune-in


As you approach the farm, tune your radio to 530 AM, for picking information.



To mitigate the spread of Covid-19, please wear masks at the check-in area and when in proximity with other guests.  ??

Tree-ripened fruit is the best!  Our staff is available to help you and your children choose only the tastiest fruit. 

Trees have feelings too.  Treat them as friends. 

Park in the designated parking area and be attentive to signage. 

NO eating is permitted in the fields or orchards.  The fruit is our inventory and the rows of fruit are the “grocery store aisles.”  Federal law prohibits us from eating in a harvest area. 

Use proper trash receptacles.  Please help us keep the farm clean and beautiful.

Pets must be kept on a leash and must not enter the harvest areas.  Federal law limits animal activity in harvest areas. 

No smoking or alcohol on the property of Kauffman Orchards.