Homegrown Cherries

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8 Delicious Varieties of Cherries

Varieties & Harvest

Cherry Variety Typical Harvest Dates
Cherry Summit June 13-21
Cherry Ranier June 14-20
Cherry Hartland June 16-21
Cherry Emporor Francis June 19-22
Cherry Kristen June 20-25
Cherry Golds June 23-28
Cherry Montmorency June 23-28
Cherry Hudson July 3-7

Weather conditions often cause ripening dates and fruit availability to vary from year to year. During some harvest seasons, some cherries are available before or after the dates shown in this schedule. This schedule shows typical dates and is posted for customer reference, but please don't depend solely on it.

Harvest Update May 20, 2017
Early stone fruits (cherries and peaches) will likely be a week or two earlier than average. Since crops ripen according to growing degree days (similar to heating degree days), things tend to moderate closer to average as the season progresses. Still, we can expect to be early on most apple varieties from July through mid-September, but not likely more than a week earlier than average. Later apples are typically more in line with average harvest dates.

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