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How Long is Apple Butter Good For and Other Pressing Questions
3/26/2019 - 8:34:37 AM
by Jeff Pauls
How Long is Apple Butter Good For and Other Pressing QuestionsAt Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market, we strive every day to provide you with a quality product and friendly service. Many people enjoy coming back again and again to our market. I know people who have moved away, but try to get to our market as often as they can because their childhood memories ar... Read More
Pruning the Orchard: Part Three of a Three Part Series
3/19/2019 - 9:54:36 AM
by Jeff Pauls & Clair Kauffman
Pruning the Orchard:  Part Three of a Three Part Series Last week, we learned what a pruned tree should look like. There were even pictures! This week we want to delve into some other benefits that pruning brings to the tree. Disease and pests are a constant reality that must be managed with diligence and wisdom. As much as possible, we implement the mo... Read More
Pruning the Orchard: Part Two of a Three Part Series
3/15/2019 - 9:15:07 AM
by Jeff Pauls & Clair Kauffman
Pruning the Orchard:  Part Two of a Three Part Series Last week, in Pruning the Orchard: Part One, we learned a little bit about the opportunity pruning affords our personnel to enjoy the wonders of fall and winter and some of our goals for pruning. In the next few paragraphs, our Orchard Manager gives us details on apical dominance, tree form, and su... Read More
Pruning the Orchard: Part One of a Three Part Series
3/6/2019 - 3:57:13 PM
by Jeff Pauls & Clair Kauffman
Pruning the Orchard:  Part One of a Three Part SeriesEvery year the orchard has to be pruned. If we don’t prune, we would just have a forest. Which, don’t get me wrong, forests are awesome, but a fruit farm has to have fruit to sell. So, right there, in that last sentence, is the implication that we need our fruit trees to produce fruit. With this ser... Read More
How Was Valentine’s Day?
2/26/2019 - 1:18:57 PM
by Jeff Pauls
How Was Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago. Wow, has it been that long already? Are you still in love? We anticipated the day to honor those we love. We looked forward to spending time together. Were you attentive, and concentrating on the other and not yourself?As you’ve probably figured out, Valentine’s D... Read More
Mud Sale Time!
2/19/2019 - 10:47:52 AM
by Jeff Pauls
Mud Sale Time!This time of year it’s nice to think about getting out and about, flowers, planting of gardens, and getting the lawn chairs out. It’s not quite time for those pleasures, but on a dreary day in February it can bring a bright spot and a smile. Photo courtesy of amishamerica.comThe annual slew of Mud S... Read More
I'm the Same Person | A Reflection
2/5/2019 - 9:34:53 AM
by Jeff Pauls
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Im the Same Person | A Reflection How can I be the same person if I’ve changed so much? Since I have the same body, and all of my family still call me the same name, it follows that I’m not someone other than I was the day I was born.I see pictures of myself and, while I recognize the person there--it’s me, I also see my face chang... Read More
Have you been to the MCWMA? The Geese Are Coming!
1/29/2019 - 1:17:44 PM
by Jeff Pauls
Have you been to the MCWMA? The Geese Are Coming!The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is truly a gift to the world. Here in Lancaster County, we have the privilege of being close to it. It’s perfect for an afternoon of hiking, bird watching, and taking in the beauty of our environment.Snow GeeseOne event that draws a lot of visitors, is the a... Read More
Habits of Growth and Productivity
1/16/2019 - 12:29:51 PM
by Kauffmans Fruit Farm
Habits of Growth and ProductivityFrom Clair Kauffman’s Journal (1/12/18) - Orchard ManagerPhotos: Kauffman’s OrchardsWinter in the orchard is a time for the fruit farmer to observe tree growth from the previous season. The icy winter chill has chased much of the trees’ vitality into the hidden root zone, leaving naked and leafless ... Read More
Jam Filled Walnut Muffin Recipe
1/16/2019 - 12:25:50 PM
by Carolann of Sassy Townhouse Living
Jam Filled Walnut Muffin RecipeThese muffins put the cozy into a winter’s day. Enjoy making and eating them. This post from 2016 is part of Looking Back to Look Forward during 2019. Here’s to your health and well being!I love to bake. It’s such a great way to forget all of your woes and focus on something that turns out to have a... Read More
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