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Apple Dumpling Tea
This seasonal flavor is a perfect evocation of nostalgic memories with its combination of black tea, green and red apple pieces, cinnamon bits, nutmeg, cloves and citrus peel. This fine quality loose leaf blend is an ideal treat around an autumn bonfire or in the warm comfort of your own home!
Pint Bag / 0.3 lb. @ $32.16 per lb. / $9.65
Aunties Pumpkin Pie Tea
Auntie's Pumpkin Pie flavored tea will bring back the familiar goodness of your favorite pumpkin pie recipe with its perfect blend of black tea, caramel bits, cinnamon bits, cloves, citrus peel, pumpkin sprinkles & flavoring.
Pint Bag / 0.3 lb. @ $28.98 per lb. / $8.69
Christmas Candy Cane Pretzel Ball
Candy Cane Pretzel Balls are exactly what the name suggests, a mini pretzel with a delicious candy cane-flavored coating. Add them to a snack mix for a fun seasonal appetizer or just grab a handful to crunch on when you need a holiday spirit booster!
Medium Bag / 1 lb. @ $9.60 per lb. / $9.60
Christmas Mini Peppermint Puff
These Mini Peppermint Puffs have a soft mint flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Mint Puffs are decorated with red and white stripes, and have a fun and colorful look making them perfect for stocking your candy bowl or for adding to a seasonal gift bag.
Coming 10/23
Falling Leaves Tea
This autumnal favorite tea is made from the leaves of the Rooibos (pronounced roy-BOSE) plant which originates in southern Africa, where it has enjoyed popularity for generations. Falling Leaves tea adds honeybush, maple sugar, toffee bits, multicolored sprinkles, caramel bits and more to the blend for a unique lemon cream taste that will delight your senses and warm your insides.
Pint Bag / 0.3 lb. @ $28.98 per lb. / $8.69
Jake & Amos Cran-Apple Sauce 16 oz
Jake & Amos® Cran-Apple Salsa is an a unique salsa that brings the taste of tree-ripened apples and tart cranberries to your table. This salsa is perfect with tortilla chips, on salads or as a sandwich topping.
$8.72 / Each
Jake & Amos Summer Salsa 16 oz
Jake & Amos® Summer Salsa has a sweet, fruity blend of pineapple and mandarin orange - and a spicy burst of chipotle pepper - making it an unforgettable sweet and spicy salsa.
$9.31 / Each
Jake & Amos Sweet Chipolte Sauerkraut 16oz
Jake & Amos® Sweet Chipotle Sauerkraut takes the traditional dish and adds just the right touch of sweet southwest chipotle barbeque flavor. Try this new twist on the classic taste you're sure to love!
$8.23 / Each
Jake & Amos Sweet Dipping Mustard 9 oz
What goes better with a hard pretzel, than a sweet dipping mustard? Jake & Amos® has made the perfect dipping mustard to compliment a variety of items such as pretzels, crackers, cheeses and even chicken nuggets.
$7.56 / Each
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