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"Variety is the spice of life", we're told, and these may supply both variety and spice to your favorite pastries and goodies. Toppings of all kinds have long been quick selling items at our market here in Bird-in-Hand and we're pleased to offer these to our online customers.
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Autumn Mix Sprinkles
These soft sprinkles include orange, yellow and brown colors to decorate many home-baked goodies with a touch of autumn's color.
Chocolate Sprinkles
Even now you can probably imagine how those next dips of ice cream could be enhanced with the addition of Chocolate Sprinkles!
Gourmet Blue Sugar
Another light and bright topping possibility for the cook who loves baking lots of creative culinary cuisine, the larger granules of this soft blue sanding sugar are perfect for adding a touch of color to iced cookies, cakes and other desserts.
Gourmet Green Sugar
Can't you visualize already how neat this bright product would look (and taste!) atop many fresh home baked deliciaces
Gourmet Rainbow Sugar
This festive mixture features red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white large sugar granules - sufficient to turn any tasty home-made-with-love dessert into a bright and cheery treat.
Gourmet Red Sugar
Bold, red and great, all three, this sugar is ready for Christmas and Valentine's Day desserts of all sorts.
Gourmet White Sugar
This large granule sugar added over dark colored treats is an especially dazzling decorating "tool" for kitchen and dining room use.
Happy Heart Toppings
Put an extra loving touch on your sweets with this Happy Hearts shaped mix which are perfect for topping baked goods for birthdays, bake sales and 'most everything in between!
Toppings - Rainbow Candy Chip
Add crunch and color to your treats with Rainbow Candy Coated Chips. Try topping your brownies, cakes and cookies with this blend to add an extra taste-treat, besides.
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