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^Jelly Belly^ Deluxe Mix
This seasonal mix features soft and chewy "Jelly Belly" jelly beans, classic candy corn and chocolate eggs for a mix that is sure to please "kids" of all ages.
Container / 0.85 lb. @ $14.46 per lb. / $12.29
^Lego^ Candy Building Blocks
Build a tower of sweet, fruity candy with these colorful blocks! Have just as much fun playing with these pineapple, raspberry, orange, banana, cherry, grape and lime flavored blocks as you will eating them. These blocks also make a fun party favor for children.
Container / 1 lb. @ $8.73 per lb. / $8.73
Mixlicious Spring MIx
This crazy Easter blend of pastel-colored sixlets, crunchy pastel flower hard candies, and shimmery pastel gumballs makes a great grab bag of fun for all ages.
Container / 1.1 lb. @ $7.73 per lb. / $8.50
Orange Cream Bearsicles
Treat yourself to the classic orange and vanilla flavors of the iconic summer treat - now in gummi bear form.
Container / 1.25 lb. @ $4.02 per lb. / $5.03
Reppert's White Chocolate  Nonpareils
White Chocolate Rainbow Nonpareils are made from white chocolate topped with rainbow-colored candy seeds - a smooth and creamy melt-in-your-mouth treat.
Container / 1 lb. @ $9.45 per lb. / $9.45
 Speckled Malt Eggs
A classic candy favorite, with a malt center covered in delicious chocolate, and then coated in a vibrantly colored candy shell.

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Container / 1.1 lb. @ $6.63 per lb. / $7.29
Sour Ju Ju Bunnies
These chewy, sour bunnies are colorful and fun addition to any easter candy basket!
Container / 1.1 lb. @ $6.21 per lb. / $6.83
Sweet Rainbow Coconut
Sweetened Rainbow Coconut is made from the finest desiccated coconut, sugar, propylene glycol, water, salt, and colouring. Pastel pink, orange yellow and white give this coconut a unique look. It has a sweet, mild coconut taste that can't be beat!
Medium Bag / 1.1 lb. @ $5.64 per lb. / $6.20
 ^Think Spring^ Jelly Eggs
Fine flavor. attractive appearance, economy - it's all here in this something-for-everyone selection that's perfect when spring is in the air!
Container / 1.2 lb. @ $4.29 per lb. / $5.15
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