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We hope you'll enjoy browsing this "well-stocked" spices section. The prices are competitive because we buy in bulk and the freshness and quality is top-notch! None of our spices have been irradiated. You can buy a "Guide to Spices & Herbs" booklet to help you with the various usages for each spice here too. Or, how about an Old-Fashioned HERB Recipes Cookbook, complete a with common usage chart and hints for cooking with herbs?

Please note: Because of the random weights of most of our bulk food products, you may not receive the exact amount of an individual bulk food product that you order. The bulk foods in your order will always total at least the weight and cost of what you paid for, and often are a bit over. We do our best to pack the orders accurately. For Customer Service, call our Bulk Food Department at 717-768-7112, or email Bulk Foods.
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All Natural Poultry Seasoning
This Poultry Seasoning, a blend of sage, thyme, marjoram, savory and rosemary, is excellent when added to stuffing mixtures, biscuit batter and especially any of your favorite poultry concoctions.

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Small Cup / 0.2 lb. @ $12.99 per lb. / $2.60
All Natural Pumpkin Pie Spice
This All Natural spice tastes great in pies, sure, but how about blending a pinch into that steaming cup of cappuccino?

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Small Cup / 0.17 lb. @ $19.83 per lb. / $3.37
All Natural Soup Greens
Doesn't a "line up" of all natural carrots, onions, bell peppers, celery, tomatoes and spinach-all the dried variety-sound like just the thing to complete that soup or stew or crock pot masterpiece that's simmering on the stove?

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Medium Cup / 0.25 lb. @ $16.44 per lb. / $4.11
All Natural Vegetable Flakes
With its combination of five vegetables these flakes are great for soups, crock pot meals, casseroles and pot roasts, are all natural and have no added MSG.

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Medium Cup / 0.3 lb. @ $10.77 per lb. / $3.23
Angel Cream
Angel Cream (like cream of tartar) has various culinary applications (such as adding to beaten egg whites to increase their stability and volume). This economical version of various name brands will perform very well in your kitchen whenever it's called upon.
Small Cup / 0.3 lb. @ $9.00 per lb. / $2.70
Anise Seeds
A member of the parsley family, anise seeds are identified by their licorice flavor.
Small Cup / 0.3 lb. @ $17.22 per lb. / $5.17
Arrowroot Powder
Arrowroot is a white powder that looks and feels like cornstarch. It has no flavor.
small cup / 0.4 @ $8.52 per / $3.41
Bacon Flavored Bits
The perfect solution for topping lots of dishes when you're in a hurry but need something substantial for all those folks around the table.
Case / 10 lb. @ $8.82 per lb. / $88.20
Basil Leaves
Basil, a spice of the mint family. exhibits a strong, sweet flavor and is widely used in Italian cuisine - as well as in a few other dishes!

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Large Cup / 0.19 lb. @ $13.62 per lb. / $2.59
Butter Flavor Popcorn Salt
Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt will give you an extra dash of delicious buttery flavor. Sprinkle the desired amount over your light and airy freshly popped popcorn for a movie theater treat any night of the week!
$5.34 / Bottle
Caraway Seeds

Grown in the Netherlands, Egypt and Poland, these seeds are known for their tangy flavor. While they are most popular in Austrian and German type cooking (often used to flavor bread, rolls and pastries), they can also enrich many vegetable dishes.

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Medium Cup / 0.4 lb. @ $9.75 per lb. / $3.90
Celery Salt
This product is a mixture of table salt and ground celery seeds and is just the ticket to liven up your vegetable (especially soups like our Homestyle Bacon Split Pea Soup Mix!) dishes and a few other household favorites.
Small Cup / 0.35 lb. @ $8.70 per lb. / $3.05
Chicken Rub
A blend of paprika, garlic, onion, salt,pepper, bay leaves,oregano, thyme, cloves and other spices that is especially excellent with chicken or any type of fowl dishes.
Small Cup / 0.3 lb. @ $8.94 per lb. / $2.68
Chili Powder

Chili powders originated in the Southwestern United States about a hundred years ago and our "brand" is actually a blend of several spices (chili peppers, cumin, oregano, salt and more).
Small Cup / 0.2 lb. @ $12.75 per lb. / $2.55
Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon Sticks are made from long pieces of laurel tree's bark that are rolled, pressed, and dried.

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Pint Bag / 0.35 lb. @ $14.28 per lb. / $5.00
Cloves, Whole
Grown mainly in the Moluccas Islands, cloves are actually dried, unopened flower buds of the evergreen clove tree. Ham and pork are better than ever when baked with whole cloves embedded in the meat during baking.
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Small Cup / 0.12 lb. @ $35.88 per lb. / $4.31
Coriander seeds, almost always grown in Morocco or Romania, may remind you of lemon peel and sage.

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Small Cup / 0.19 lb. @ $10.26 per lb. / $1.95
Cumin - Ground
Often imported from China, Turkey, India and Pakistan, cumin is the primary spice in both chili and curry powders. It is widely used in Mexican and Latin American cooking and also adds a great flavor to deviled eggs, sauerkraut, and pork dishes.

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Small Cup / 0.18 lb. @ $13.50 per lb. / $2.43
Dill Seed
One links thoughts of Dill Seed with dill pickles, sure, but what about using to enhance flavor of meats, cole slaw, sauerkraut, macaroni salad and ________?
Small Cup / 0.2 lb. @ $7.26 per lb. / $1.45
Dill Weed
Dill Weed is the dried, dark-green leaves of the same in-the-parsley-family plant that furnishes dill seeds.
Medium Cup / 0.12 lb. @ $50.16 per lb. / $6.02
Fennel Seeds
First grown in southern Europe, today most Fennel Seeds are imported into the United States from Egypt, India and China.
Small Cup / 0.2 lb. @ $9.69 per lb. / $1.94
Fine Popcorn Salt
Fine Ground Salt is specially made to stick on popcorn, nachos, potato skins and any other snack you wish to sprinkle it on. Use some of this salt for French fries or corn-on-the-cob for an extra tasty dish!
$5.34 / Bottle
Garlic Pepper No Salt

A combination of ground black pepper and finely ground dried garlic, this blend is popular because it highlights the wonderful seasoning strengths of pepper with the sharp taste of garlic.
Small Cup / 0.3 lb. @ $15.75 per lb. / $4.73
Garlic Salt-No MSG Added
This fine, granular salt blend is a great benefit to a great many cooks in a great many ways, since it allows for lots of flavor without imparting extra volume or weight to dishes.
Small Cup / 0.5 lb. @ $4.47 per lb. / $2.24
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