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B & W Ointment
A soothing salve used as an aid for healing cuts, burns, sunburns, bruises and tissue injury.

8 oz. Containers.
$30.60 / Each
Blue Agave - Organic - 32.5oz
This sweet, mild flavored syrup has been used by humankind for over 5000 years and is perfect for sweetening beverages, baked goods and as a multi-purpose sweetener.

23.5 oz. fl. oz. Bottles.
$18.90 / Each
Blue Agave - Organic Raw
A healthful multi-purpose sweetener, Organic Raw Blue Agave will please wherever table sugar would ordinarily be used.

11.75 oz. Bottles.

$13.23 / Each
Blue Diamond g/f Pecan Nut-Thins
Pecan Nut-Thins! Another soon-to-be family favorite with cheeses and dips or all by themselves! With 16 crackers per serving you can grab lots.

4.25 oz. Packages.
$8.16 / Each
H & H Black Salve 4oz
Great Grandma (Minerva) Kauffman is one of many who will vouch for the effectivenes of this old time salve

4 oz. Containers.
$18.25 / Each
H & H White Liniment
Here's a classic product from the good old days that may help sore muscles and stiff backs.

1 oz. Bottles.
$8.88 / Each
H&H Vapor Ointment 2 oz
Effective against minor colds and local congestion and irritation, this is another notable product from the family of the late I. F. Hill.

2 oz. Containers.
$14.45 / Each
Homemade Sweet Apple Cider, Gallon Jug
It's all-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO, plus is Kosher- and Pareve-certified! Each jug is about 0.9 gallon - see notes about capacity and thawing in description below. Frozen for safe shipping. We avoid shipping this product over weekends.

This premium cider was voted #1 (again!) out of 18 entries at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention! We are thrilled! Watch Kauffman's Cider Pressing Explained video.
Will Return by October!
Knudsen Organic Acai Berry Juice
This organic Acai Berry juice has a exotic berry flavor and is made from the freshest berries that are grown in the most earth-friendly way .

32 fl. oz. Glass Bottles.
$13.23 / Each
Porter's Liniment Salve
This Original Formula product is another soothing first aid salve that you'll be glad to have around the house.

2 oz. Tins.
$18.75 / Each
Skinner's Vaporizing Salve 7oz
This home remedy made from all natural ingredients was developed by an enterprising young man during the depths of the Great Depression..

7 oz. Containers.
$18.77 / Each
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Formulated by Dr. G. F. Smith in 1892 - wouldn't you say that Rosebud Salve has passed the test of time?

0.8 oz. Tins.
$15.90 / Each
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