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B & W Ointment
A soothing salve used as an aid for healing cuts, burns, sunburns, bruises and tissue injury.

8 oz. Containers.
$30.60 / Each
Bismoline Medicated Powder
Bismoline Medicated Powder was formulated around the turn (into the twentieth one, that is) of the century right here in Lancaster PA (it's still produced here) and hasn't changed significantly since.

7.25 oz. Containers.
$6.35 / Each
H & H Black Salve 4oz
Great Grandma (Minerva) Kauffman is one of many who will vouch for the effectivenes of this old time salve

4 oz. Containers.
$18.25 / Each
Homemade Sweet Apple Cider, Gallon Jug
It's all-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO, plus is Kosher- and Pareve-certified! Each jug is about 0.9 gallon - see notes about capacity and thawing in description below. Frozen for safe shipping. We avoid shipping this product over weekends.

This premium cider was voted #1 (again!) out of 18 entries at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention! We are thrilled! Watch Kauffman's Cider Pressing Explained video.
$22.99 / Gallon
Porter's Liniment Salve
This Original Formula product is another soothing first aid salve that you'll be glad to have around the house.

2 oz. Tins.
$18.75 / Each
Skinner's Vaporizing Salve 7oz
This home remedy made from all natural ingredients was developed by an enterprising young man during the depths of the Great Depression..

7 oz. Containers.
$18.77 / Each
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Formulated by Dr. G. F. Smith in 1892 - wouldn't you say that Rosebud Salve has passed the test of time?

0.8 oz. Tins.
$15.90 / Each
Vermont's Original Bag Balm
Did you know? In 1937, Admiral Byrd’s provisions for the trip to the North Pole included Bag Balm, which helped to protect against the harsh climate.

10 oz. Tins.
$17.48 / Each
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