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New York Produced Pure Maple Syrup - Quart
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There aren't many foods reminds us, that are collected or harvested when snow is on the ground. Can you think of any other than Maple Syrup?

43 fl. oz. (1 Quart) Glass Jars.

"REAL Maple Syrup - Sweet Superfood for Fitness" Video
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A quantity of maple syrup will be well appreciated whether it's consumed around your table or is gifted to a friend! The only ingredient in 100% Pure Maple Syrup is the sap from sugar maple trees. In early spring, the sap is collected and boiled down to produce this wonderful product - use it in any of many ways. This product will come in handy whenever pressing needs for this all natural sweetener manifest themselves in the kitchen. (Warning: when the folks in your house "discover" the taste attributes of this one, such situations may often occur). This is all natural and nutritional goodness at its finest, fresh from maple trees in New York state!

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