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Kauffman Homegrown Goldrush Apples, Fresh Picked in Lancaster County, Penn.

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"A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance." Source: orangepippin.com.

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Another new variety which we're growing in our orchards, and one we have high hopes for. You’ll enjoy experiencing this intense, spicy apple both as a fresh-eating winner and in your baked apple dishes. GoldRush is a naturally occurring disease-resistant apple (not to be confused with today's health-suspect GMO-process varieties), therefore needing fewer spray applications in the orchard (good for us, good for you!) With its firm texture, fabulous keeping qualities, and rush of flavor GoldRush is a great apple to rush to Kauffman's for.

The Adam's apple blogger puts his thoughts of what a GoldRush apple is like in colorful prose like this,"The flesh is yellow, firm, and crisp, still on the coarse side but more fine-grained than that of many yellow apples. Its flavor has the honeyed sweetness of a Golden Delicious, wedded to a pleasing tartness with a touch of acidity. The tension between these flavors is just right and there are fleeting hints of pear, citrus, and spice to keep things interesting. Plus a little metalic fizz on the tip of the tongue." (Emphasis added)

Interested in a scholarly-type article detailing the origin, parentage and characteristics of the GoldRush apple? Click here.


More outstanding varieties grown at Kauffman's Fruit Farm which are somewhat similar to GoldRush include Crispin and Pink Lady.

You may not be able to pick up GoldRush apples just anywhere but no worries are necessary. It's easy and convenient to order the quantity of quality fruit that you need right here.

This boxes in which we ship GoldRush apples contain high-density foam cushioning. Each piece of fruit occupies its own foam slot for protection, and we pack the box with fruit that passes our high standard of quality. However, we have no control over distance, storage, temperature, or handling during transit, so if the fruit arrives overripe or spoiled, we most likely will not offer a refund, although you're welcome to contact us about it. We offer 2nd Business Day and Next Business Day shipping for those customers who'd like to take an extra step to protect the fruit during shipping. This item is not available for sale in or to California, Oregon, and Washington.

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