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 Kauffman's Homemade Apple Schnitz
Our homemade Apple Schnitz (dried apples) is made from fresh apples, air-dried here at our market, with no additives or preservatives whatsoever. It's all-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO, plus is Kosher- and Pareve-certified. Schnitz is a great tasting, chewy, snack and is a natural for lots of dried apple dish and dessert favorites and certainly that old Pennsylvania Dutch favorite - Schnitz and Knepp! For people who enjoy a great tasting, chewy, all-natural fruit snack, schnitz is wonderful alone or (especially!) with other dried fruits (try this recipe). We dry two wonderful flavors of apple schnitz:

  • (Best Seller) Sweet Apple Schnitz, made from fresh, naturally sweet apples slices, usually slices of the venerable Rome Beauty apple); and,

  • (Best tasting according to most Kauffmans) Tart Apple Schnitz, made from fresh, more tart-tasting apple slices, usually from Idared or Granny Smith apples.

By the way, the word schnitz is a German word that means "piece" or "slice". Fitting, isn't it?
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