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Ahhh, the flavors of an apple orchard! Join the trend of shoppers ordering fruits delivered to their door. These fresh fruit packs are quick 'n easy to order and certainly take less of your time than driving to a big box store somewhere. Plus, the fruit sold here is unwaxed and probably healthier than fruit from a big box store.

These fresh apples are homegrown right here in our Bird-in-Hand apple orchards. Kauffman's homegrown apples have the word "Homegrown" in the title and are sold while supplies last. We supplement our supplies of Kauffman homegrown apples with apples from other local orchards as necessary. Kauffman's fruit orchards are all managed with the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, which produces healthier soil. leading to healthier trees and... you guessed it... better tasting, healthier fruit. Click the orange IPM button above for more information about this effort.
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Kauffman Homegrown Fresh Yellow Transparent Apples, Makes Light-Colored Sauce

  • Yellow Transparent is highly-famous for making a beautiful, light-colored and light-textured applesauce.

  • The selections labeled "Small" are tree-run apples and are smaller than most apples. Yellow Transparent is naturally smaller than most other apples, which is part of the reason they're great for sauce - there is less cutting work. "Small" apples vary in size from approximately 2.25" diameter to approximately 3.25" in diameter.

  • The selections not marked "Small" are the largest Yellow Transparent apples available in this year's crop. These average approximately 3.5" in diameter.

  • Watch "How to Make and Can Homemade Applesauce" Video.
Sold out until mid-July
Kauffman Homegrown Fresh Yellow-Flesh Peaches, Sun-Ripened and Freestone

  • Juicy orchard goodness for your health, homegrown in our Lancaster County peach orchards. Great for snacking, canning, and for peach smoothies.

  • These premium peaches are yellow-fleshed, freestone, sun-ripened. Enjoy the summertime orchard flavor!

  • See the notes about shipping below. Each peach is individually packed in soft foam for super protection during shipping.

Sold out until mid-July
Showing 1 - 30 of 30