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This complete line of homestyle Jams, Jellies, and Spreads is made using quality fruit ingredients. Customers in our Bird-in-Hand market often comment on the delicious real-fruit flavor. Many flavors have sugar-free versions too - called spreads. "Jam" indicates a jelly with little bits of actual fruit in it; "Jelly" is what most folks think of when they hear the words "jam" or "jelly" - a more strained type of fruit topping; and "Spread" is a jam or jelly with no added sugar. Click the orange buttons here to view our homemade fruit butters, which are low-sugar alternatives to jams and jellies.
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KFF Hot & Spicy Jam Edition
The jams in this pack come with a delightful zest to their flavors. Mix with cream cheese for a great topping on crackers or bagels.

4/8.5 oz Jars packed in an attractive Gift Box.
$28.99 / Each
Showing 1 - 47 of 47