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100th Anniversary History Book Notes

Kauffman's Fruit Farm compiled a 150-page history book of the family, orchards, and Bird-in-Hand area as part of our 100th anniversary celebration. This book has numerous articles and photos that refer to "read more online". This webpage explains those sections in more detail.

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Index - Recipes

View our recipe webpage with an extensive list of recipes and links to popular cookbooks.

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Page 36 - Orchard Photos

Quality fruit does not happen auto-magically. Part of our Creator's mandate to mankind is to manage the earth. This slideshow captures a few small parts of orchard work.

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Page 44 - Land Stewardship & Growing Practices

Caring for the land is important to us. After all, the land provides us with livelihood, feeds our families and customers, and contains two of our most valuable natural resources – soil and water.

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Page 54 - Peach Varieties

Kauffman's grows several dozen varieties of peaches. Some are single varieties (like Redhaven), and some are in families that ripen over a period of a number of weeks (i.e. Flaming Fury). Our peaches webpage will help you find the right peach for your project at a time that suits you.

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Page 57 - A Tale Of Hail From The Roof

A story about a super-duper hailstorm one stormy summer day. We have video evidence! Wait.... really??!! Starring Carl Kauffman.

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Page 94 - Pressing Apple Cider

Kauffman's homemade sweet apple cider is known and enjoyed far and wide. Every drop of it is made right here at our market in our shiny-clean cider press room. During the autumn, we offer complimentary tours of this room; or, for now, you can watch the video and attend virtually.

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Page 121 - Bulk Food Department

The bulk food department has seen strong consumer interest for years now. From bulk sugars to spices and noodles and nuts and 'most anything imaginable in between, you can find foods that not only help you save money, but also help make your cooking, baking, and preserving much easier.

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Bulk Clear Jel

Page 135 - Clear Jel

Get your Clear Jel here! From Dr. Gott's nationally-syndicated column, to Facebook conversations, to Youtube videos, to far-away states like Arizona and Florida (where many elderly customers retire), to selling on &, Kauffman's has sold thousands and thousands of packages of Clear Jel, fruit pectin, oatmeal, fresh apples, pretzels, and the like.

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