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Dessert Mixes
Please note: Because of the random weights of most of our bulk food products, you may not receive the exact amount of an individual bulk food product that you order. The bulk foods in your order will always total at least the weight and cost of what you paid for, and often are a bit over. We do our best to pack the orders accurately. For Customer Service, call our Bulk Food Department at 717-768-7112, or email Bulk Foods.
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Gelatin - Apricot
Back just in time for classic in-the-good-old-summertime desserts that everyone in the circle can give hearty approval to!
Pint Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $3.33 per lb. / $4.00
Gelatin - Blueberry

Another fine possibility in our line-up of gelatins - think blueberry flavored treats galore!
Pint Bag / 1.05 lb. @ $3.38 per lb. / $3.55
Gelatin - Cherry
Another selection locally made at Dutch Valley Food Distributors - and one of the most popular flavored gelatins, besides.
Pint Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $2.97 per lb. / $3.56
Gelatin - Grape

This gelatin will point the way to fine dinner dessert dining with a sweet taste of vine ripened grapes. All you need besides is a dollop of whipped cream!
Pint Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $3.38 per lb. / $4.06
Gelatin - Lemon
Helpful Hint: Pairing this treat with fresh strawberries and a dollop (or two) of whipped cream will produce a (noteworthy!) dessert reminiscent of strawberry lemonade.
Pint Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $3.38 per lb. / $4.06
Gelatin - Lime

The mouth puckering taste of freshly sliced limes is featured in this very convenient and easy to make gelatin mix.
Pint Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $3.33 per lb. / $4.00
Gelatin - Orange

For a sweet orange snack without all of the pulp, this vibrant Orange Gelatin is certainly the one for the job.
Quart Bag / 2.3 lb. @ $3.29 per lb. / $7.57
Gelatin - Raspberry
You'll love the sweet taste of juicy, sun ripened raspberries that is reproduced in this fine Raspberry Gelatin produced locally at Dutch Valley Food Distributors..
Pint Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $3.33 per lb. / $4.00
Gelatin - Strawberry

Have you heard of anyone lately who can resist fresh, homemade strawberry flavored desserts like this mix can produce?
Quart Bag / 2.3 lb. @ $3.29 per lb. / $7.57
Gelatin - Unflavored

Unflavored gelatin acts as a stabilizer or thickener and is often used in reduced fat products to create that just-right texture.
Pint Bag / 0.7 lb. @ $12.53 per lb. / $8.77
Instant Banana Creme Pudding Mix
This pudding mix is easy on the budget, easy to prepare (detailed instructions included), and very easy for your family to appreciate and quickly "take care of!"
Pint Bag / 1 lb. @ $4.28 per lb. / $4.28
Instant Milk Chocolate Pudding Mix
If there's anybody around the house who loves chocolate this may be the dessert "raw material" that you should be stocking up on.
Pint Bag / 1.1 lb. @ $4.28 per lb. / $4.71
Instant Orangesicle Pudding Mx
Easy to acquire, easy to prepare and (especially!) easy to devour!

Directions: Combine 1/2 cup of mix with 2 cups of cold milk. Mix or blend well. Chill and serve.
Pint Bag / 1 lb. @ $4.28 per lb. / $4.28
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Mix
With the recipes included on the back panel you get to choose between a premium ice cream or a deluxe ice milk!
Medium Bag / 1.2 lb. @ $6.32 per lb. / $7.58
Whipped Topping Mix

Well, strawberry season is coming and a good way to prepare is by bringing a quantity of this Whip Mix into your kitchen!
Pint Bag / 0.85 lb. @ $4.30 per lb. / $3.66
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