2020 Fruit Tree Sale

Buy fruit trees for your cabin property, farm, or backyard.

Each spring, we offer a full line of quality fruit trees. There are roughly 60 varieties of apple, cherry, peach, pear, and plum trees to choose from. We receive the shipment of fruit trees from Adams County Nursery around the beginning of April. The trees come as 1/2" - 3/4" diameter trees that are bareroot and usually between 5-7 feet tall.

We will call or email you when the shipment arrives, and you can pick up your trees here at our market just outside Bird-in-Hand. The trees are semi-dwarf and will grow to heights of 12-20 feet, depending on variety. To place an order, stop by our store or call us, and we will gladly assist you in making just the right selection for your farm, backyard, or cabin property.



April 2020:

Trees are going fast but we still have a great supply. Call for varieties!

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Give us a phone call and ask for fruit tree sales.


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Things to keep in mind:

  • Fruit Tree Apple trees are not self-pollinating. This means one apple tree planted by itself will not have a fruit set in the spring, because, although it will blossom, those pretty blossoms will not pollinate. Therefore, you will have beautiful photos of the blossoms.... but no fruit during the harvest. To get around this, you must have several varieties of apples planted together. Two varieties is Ok (except for a few apples like Stayman, which require three), but three varieties is always better.
  • It is Ok to plant multiple fruit types together (like apples and cherries and pears).
  • Fruit trees are like your car - they require some TLC. Kauffman's makes no guarantee about your success in growing trees or having a fruit crop. However, we do say that the trees we sell are top-notch quality, acquired from one of the premier fruit nurseries in Pennsylvania: Adams County Nursery. Tree returns are not accepted except in special cases.