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Kauffman Homegrown Fresh Golden Delicious Apples, Popular for Baking & Snacking

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Did you know? The original Golden Delicious tree was discovered in the hills of Clay County, West Virginia back in the 1880's and rights for propagation were purchased by Stark Brothers Nursery soon after.

Watch " Golden Delicous Apple Pie with Oatmeal Crumb Topping" Recipe Video.
Here's a few details about the finding of this variety as found at The Revivalist website. "... legend, as published by the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, explains that one of the Mullin’s boys, J.M. Mullins, was tasked with mowing a pasture by scythe when he stumbled across a young apple tree and decided to spare it from the blade. 'Now, young feller, I’ll just leave you there' was the thought he later described regarding the tree. He continued the tradition in future mowings and the result was a hardy, fruit bearing apple tree." (Emphasis added)

This sweet and flavorful variety (non-GMO, like all Kauffman's Fruit Farm grown orchard fruits) was, for quite a few years our best-selling apple! In 2016, our hard-working orchard crew harvested 3390 bushels of Golden Delicious between September 22 and October 10. We have not heard of anyone who's gone wrong in using Golden Delicious for any purpose (this certainly includes apple cobbler, applesauce - see next paragraph, apple pie - watch video, below and apple crisp) in which apples are needed since (great-grandpa) A. L. Kauffman began growing this variety on our farm back in 1927!

Helpful Hint: The no-sweeteners-added applesauce that Wanda Kauffman crafted recently using Golden Delicious and Fuji (a new combination for her) drew rave reviews from family and friends!

Did you know? Golden Delicious really isn't related to Red Delicious at all. The Stark Brothers nursery people, hoping to capitalize on the recent sucess of their "Delicious" cultivar around the turn into the twentieth century, gave a new yellow apple which they had high hopes for a similiar name.

We here at Kauffman's grow the "Smoothee" strain, which offers a smoother skin finish and rust-resistant capabilities while retaining all the outstanding qualities of everybody's favorite Golden Delicious apples!

More great varieties grown at Kauffman's Fruit Farm which are similar to - and descendents of - Golden Delicious include Golden Supreme and GoldRush.

The boxes which we fill with fresh, tasty Golden Delicious apples, are fitted with high-density foam cushioning. Each apple occupies its own foam slot for protection, and we pack the box with fruit that is of highest quality. However, we have no control over distance, storage, temperature, or handling during transit, so if the fruit arrives overripe or spoiled, we most likely will not offer a refund, although you're welcome to contact us about it. We offer 2nd Business Day and Next Business Day shipping for those customers who'd like to take an extra step in protecting product during transit. This item is not available for sale in or to California, Oregon, and Washington.

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