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Kauffman Homegrown Ginger Gold Apples, Fresh-picked In Lancaster County

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We here at Kauffman's began growing this variety in 1990 and Ginger Gold quickly became an apple sauce favorite of many, many Lancaster County moms (and their families)!

Watch "Story of the Ginger Gold with Ginger Harvey" Video.
Isn't it great? How easy it is, (and convenient, from right here on this page!) to have tasty, non-GMO, highly healthful and fresh-from-our-Bird-in-Hand-orchards Ginger Gold apples quickly delivered to your home.

Easily our top-selling applesauce variety, Ginger Gold's crunch and flavor are sure to please when eaten "out-of-hand" too. This apple is almost as sweet and tasty as Golden Delicious, but ripens six weeks earlier! It maintains its white flesh well when sliced. An amateur back yard fruit grower describes Ginger Gold taste and texture qualities thus: "It's fresh, juicy, crispy, and reminiscent of cooler summer nights. Slightly sweet, slighty tart and the flavor lingers, unlike other early apples. Flavors are light, and include sweet lemon and dusted sugar."

Before we forget about applesauce though, you'll be happy to have The Pioneer Woman inform you of various creative uses for this wonderful American staple besides the side-dish-for-lunch-or-dinner option, won't you? Opportunities like:
"* Make muffins like these. Tremendously good!
* Top cooked pork chops, as
in this recipe. Just sub applesauce for the large apple chunks. Applesauce and pork chops go together.
* Substitute apple sauce for the oil in many baked goods. It’s a healthy choice, baby.
* Spoon warm applesauce over vanilla (or caramel!) ice cream and sprinkle with a little cinnamon. To die for!
* Make regular French Toast and top with a big spoonful of applesauce."
(Emphasis added)

Can you forgive us, please, for not being able to get applesauce off our minds when it comes to the Ginger Gold? Are you aware that Ginger Gold apples ripen smack in the middle of peach harvest season here at Kauffman's Fruit Farm (is there a more wonderful time of year?) Just in case you haven't yet thought of an improvement to applesauce - called PEACH APPLESAUCE - we hereby (highly!) suggest this possibility as a most wonderful and never-miss strategy for keeping those in your family and friend circles happy, contented and well-rounded (no pun intended). And we know where folks like you can procur any number of premium, tree-ripened freestone peaches without leaving the comfort of your digital device!

When considering Ginger Gold we think one could (should!) also go beyond sauce and fresh-eating, for that matter! The folks sitting around the table will delight in trying any number of these recipes featuring the versatile Ginger Gold as a baking and cooking specialty, we here at the apple orchard feel quite sure!

Ginger Gold was discovered by Clyde Harvey, a fruit grower in Nelson County, Virginia a few years after a tragic storm ravaged the area in 1969, Mr. Harvey eventually named the exciting find after his wife - and the rest is history! Don't miss the video, below!

More great varieties grown at Kauffman's Fruit Farm that are similar to Ginger Gold: Earligold and Golden Supreme.

The boxes we pack Ginger Gold apples into are lined with high-density foam cushioning. Each apple occupies its own foam slot for protection, and we pack the box with fruit that is of highest quality. However, we have no control over distance, storage, temperature, or handling during transit, so if the fruit arrives overripe or spoiled, we most likely will not offer a refund, although you're welcome to contact us about it. We offer 2nd Business Day and Next Business Day shipping for folks like you who wish to take an extra step in protecting their Ginger Gold apples throughout the shipping process. This item is not available for sale in or to California, Oregon, and Washington.

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