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Fresh & Juicy Bartlett Pears (Homegrown)

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Your favorite pears, grown in our Lancaster County orchards and shipped directly to your door. How does it get better than that?

Watch "Dehydrating Pears Today" Video.
The Bartlett variety isn't the only pear we grow but has for many years been our most popular and there seem to be an abundance of reasons why. Reasons like large sized fruit, a beautiful yellow blush when ripe, that superb juice factor when bitten into(!) and an especially distinctive sweet and buttery flavor. This non-GMO variety is also very versatile as the following paragraph chronicles.

You may already know that Bartlett Pears are great for eating out-of-hand and for canning, sure, but shouldn't you also be trying this everybody's-favorite variety for poached pear, baked pear and (especially!) grilled pear dishes? We'd also like you to know about this Golden Pear Cake recipe from a Mennonite mom which should abundantly please both you and yours! Beyond that, Bartletts are a natural for dehydrating (watch video, below) and we can't imagine that anyone in the circle would want to miss out on Kauffman's Fruit Farm homemade Pear Butters in which the Bartlett variety is the main ingredient!

Did you know? The Bartlett originated in England in the 1600's (long before the days of modern health-suspect GMO varieties) and were known as Williams pears there - as indeed they are to this day. We're told that they were imported into the United States in 1799 and were soon being promoted in those pioneer days by a nurseryman named Enoch Bartlett! By about 1850, due to the influx of eastern U.S. prospectors joining the Gold Rush, Bartlett Pear trees were being planted as far west as California. (Info for this paragraph comes courtesy of The Produce Mom.)

Wondering if the Bartlett Pear offers any health benefits to your growing family? Here's the answer from pearvarieties.net: "A Bartlett Pear is very nutritious. Pears are low in fat and sodium and have no cholesterol. Most of the calories come from carbohydrates, but these are high quality carbohydrates, which contain lots of vitamin C, A, potassium, niacin, and fiber. Pears make a healthy addition to any dietary plan." (Emphasis added)

The boxes we use for shipping fruit feature high-density foam cushioning. Each individual Bartlett pear occupies its own foam slot for protection, and we carefully pack the box with product that is of highest quality. However, we have no control over distance, storage, temperature, or handling during transit, so if the fruit arrives overripe or spoiled, we most likely will not offer a refund, although you're welcome to contact us about it. We offer 2nd Business Day and Next Business Day shipping for pear lovers who wish to take an extra step in protecting their fresh fruit purchase during shipping. This item is not available for sale in or to California, Oregon, and Washington.

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