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Fresh & Juicy Asian Pears (Homegrown)
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There must be a number of good reasons why this new-for-us pear selection has become such a favorite of so many fruit lovers so swiftly!

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Perhaps new to you and yours, we at the fruit farm consider Asian Pears grown in our orchards to be a must-try! Though featuring a much more firm texture and different shape than European Pears (which include Bartlett and all tapered-at-the-top varieties) the flavor of Asian Pears (always non-GMO, of course) is distinctly pear-like - tastefully sweet, slightly spicy, delicately aromatic and WHOLLY DELICIOUS!

Here's how another fruit enthusiast describes this great "find:" "The skin is a rough golden brown with light spots, and the flesh is crisp, sweet, coarse-grained, and very juicy--like, but denser than, the flesh of a watermelon. Hints of pear (duh) and brown sugar. The flavor is light and sweet and watery, and eating one is refreshing."

As the name implies, this type of pear is native to the continent of Asia, and is especially well known in China and Japan, where it has been appreciated and cultivated for ever so long. Although they are sometimes called Apple Pears because of similarities in shape and texture, Asian Pears are not related to apples.

You may also be interested in knowing that the nutritional profile of Asian Pears is quite similar to "regular" (European) pears, which simply means is quite impressive, indeed!

Though most often used as a fresh-eating super-snack, these pears shine in other ways and venues, also. Here is a (unique and) classic dinner idea and here are seven of the same. We'd be very interested in hearing about your best, original ideas involving Asian Pears (click on Product Reviews tab, above to begin telling your story).

Just for Interesting: Asian Pears have been grown in the United States since the California Gold Rush days, when Chinese miners planted them in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. So say the folks at Kingsburg Orchards, located in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

The sturdy cardboard boxes we use to ship Asian Pears to your door are fitted with high-density foam cushioning. Each piece of fruit occupies its own foam slot for protection, and we pack carefully with fruit that is of highest quality. However, we have no control over distance, storage, temperature, or handling during transit, so if the fruit arrives overripe or spoiled, we most likely will not offer a refund, although you're welcome to contact us about it. We offer 2nd Business Day and Next Business Day shipping for those customers who'd like to take an extra step to protect these premium pears during shipping. This item is not available for sale in or to California, Oregon, and Washington.

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