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Our country market along Rt. 340 in Bird-in-Hand is the main shopping experience we offer, featuring our entire retail inventory and numerous family-friendly features like a working beehive and made-while-you-watch homemade peanut butter. Additionally, anyone in the USA can enjoy the convenience of shopping our orchard foods on our secure online store

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Kauffman's Homegrown & Homemade Orchard Foods

Orchard Fresh Fruit

Orchard Fruits

Full of sun-ripened, fresh-from-the-orchard flavor and grown on the same farm for over 100 years, our "Bird-in-Hand Brand" homegrown fruit is sure to please. With a wide selection of apples, peaches, cherries, plums, and pears in season, there's something for everyone's palate at prices for anyone's purse.

Apple Cider

Sweet Apple Cider

This is the premier apple cider in the Mid-Atlantic region! Kauffman's homemade, sweet apple cider was voted 1st place of 20 entries in the cider taste competition at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention (also in 2007, 2010, and 2014!).

Careful, consistent blending of sweet and tart apple varieties is our specialty. The apples are inspected and washed before being ground and squeezed with modern, sanitary equipment. The cider is screened and flash-pasteurized, making a delicious, nutritious, refreshing beverage; then, it's bottled by our state-of-the-art, automated bottling system.

Homemade Apple Snitz

Apple Schnitz (Dried Apples)

Our apple schnitz is made from fresh apples and air-dried with no preservatives. It is a tasty, healthy, all-natural snack, and is well known as an ingredient in PA Dutch specialties like Schnitz & Knepp and Schnitz Pie. Our apple schnitz is available in sweet and tart variations by using different varieties of apples; it can be purchased at our market, various outlets in the Mid-Atlantic regions (click here for vendors), and online.


Apple & Fruit Butters

Our fruit butters get their flavor from our old-fashioned process of cooking the fruit in fruit juices, retaining the natural sugars and fiber of the fruit.

Apple butter can be enjoyed in four tasty flavors:

• Original (With Added Sugar)
• No Granulated Sugar Added
• Plain (Nothing Added)
• Sweetened With Natural Honey

Besides apple butter, we also make regular and sugar-free variations of pear and pumpkin butter. All of these fruit butters and fruit butter gift packs are available in our farm marketand online.

Homemade Cider Donuts

Cider Donuts

Ready for a mouth-watering treat? How about a warm, fresh apple cider donut made on the weekends during the summer and fall (June-October) at the front of our farm market? We use a cake donut mix and include our award-winning apple cider in the recipe!

You'll not be satisfied with just one of these. Not sure? Just ask for a free sample.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Foods

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Doesn't the thought of growing your own fruit sound interesting... and delicious? We sell young, high-quality fruit trees directly to consumers every winter; the fruit trees arrive at our market, ready to be picked up, about the first week of April. We'll happily assist you in making just the right selections of fruit trees for your home, farm, or mountain property.



Needing creative ideas for food preparation? Maybe we can help! You'll find 125+ titles including Amish, Mennonite, local, and specialty cookbooks. The vast majority of these titles are showcased on our secure website, ready for you to browse and buy.

Apple Dumplings

Apple Dumplings

These dumplings are baked by a local Mennonite family (Arianna's Bakery) and are highly sought after in our market. Our peeled, cored apples are the main ingredient. If you're interested in buying the peeled, cored apples at wholesale prices for use at your business, head on over to our Wholesale Sales webpage.

Baking Supplies

Baking Supplies

Everything you'll need for those goodies you're wanting to create in the kitchen - from syrups, oils, and molasses (some locally-produced) to pancake and cake mixes to extracts and flavorings (including vanilla extract, of course) - and more!

Sprinkles and Toppings

Sprinkles & Toppings

Just what your cookies and baking creations ordered! Here at Kauffman's, you'll find a wonderful variety of shapes and colors of decorative toppings, especially in seasonal themes.

Chocolate Coating and Cookie Bits

Chocolate Coating & Cookie Bits

Our "break-up" coating chocolate (Chocoholic Alert: We have 3 kinds available!) is manufactured in nearby Lititz, Pennsylvania, and we have lots and lots of small or large pieces ready for you. Use any of our flavors of cookie bits for the very-best-of-all-homemade-fresh-from-the-oven-cookies.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

We think you'll be pleased with the selection, ease in shopping, quality and freshness, coupled with excellent prices. You'll especially appreciate our selection of Lancaster County-fresh asparagus, rhubarb, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, cantalopes, melons and other local fruits & veggies during the growing season.

Fruit Baskets

Gift Baskets

Artistically created by our staff and on display throughout the Christmas season, these make great gifts for special friends and occasions. Choose from a dozen different arrangements or ask for your own custom design. We'll gladly make an arrangement upon your request anytime throughout the year (requires some prep time).

Gift Trays

Gift Trays

Available seasonally, these trays are filled with a variety of dried fruit, snacks, nuts, and/or candy combinations. They are practical and taste-bud-pleasing gift ideas and are on display in our market throughout December.


Meats & Cheeses

This section includes deli meats, cheeses, and fresh meat, and has proven to be one of the most popular market departments for our customers. Our staff will answer your questions and slice items just the way you want them. Don't forget to ask them for a free sample of a product you're interested in! A popular deli item you can order online is Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky.

Locally Canned Vegetables

Locally Canned Vegetables

All of the products in this section are canned by Amish or local folks. These delicious products include Chow-Chow, Pickled Beets, and Corn Salsa. After that jar you take home is empty, you'll wish you would have bought two (or three, or more)! But then again, you can always buy more on our secure website!

Lantern Books

Lantern Books

Do you have questions about who the Amish and Mennonites are and what they believe? Perhaps a title on the Lantern Books rack could help you find answers to questions like these. You'll find a variety of children's, missionary, inspirational, and doctrinal books, many written by Amish and Mennonite authors.

Jams and Jellies

Jams, Jellies, & Spreads

These jams are produced by a Mennonite family business that we've been friends with for decades. This jam family includes no-granulated-sugar-added variations in a collection of about 4 dozen options. The delicious flavors include interesting & unusual jams - like gooseberry, guava, & peach jalapeno - that we think you'll agree are worth every penny of their price!



Top Seller Alert! You won't want to miss visiting this section of tasty, unique, freshly-bagged snacks. Something for everyone! Discover the quality of these PA Dutch snacks and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered to your door if you can't visit our market.



Our grocery department includes specialty items and a delectable section of Lancaster County-produced pretzels (think Hammond's, among others!) and potato chips (think Zerbe's, among others!). Sure, we're small compared to a Wal-Mart, but we squeeze lots of products onto our shelves, and we are anxious to please!

Bulk Foods

Bulk Pasta

Bulk Pasta

You'll find most every kind of pasta you've ever heard of here, and maybe a few you haven't. We buy in bulk and repackage for our customers' convenience. You can easily browse our selection of two dozen+ quality pastas on our secure online shopping cart.

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Nuts & Dried Fruits

You'll like the large selection in our nuts and dried fruit section. In fact, we have so many that we organized them on two separate webpages. Better yet, you'll be pleased with the prices and the quality of these freshly-bagged-on-site products, which boast of sooo many health benefits.

Organic Foods

Organic Bulk Foods

We stock a variety of certified organic grains, pastas, dried fruits, nuts, snacks, granola, and fruit juices, which you'll find scattered throughout our market. Helpful Hint: Want to browse our selection online? Type "organic" into the "search" field, hit Enter and, presto, you'll have the full list at your fingertips.

Sugar Free Products

Sugar-Free Bulk Foods

Here are lots of sugar-free (but delicious!) products to try and enjoy. Of special interest in this section are several Stevia products (a healthy, zero-calorie sweetener) and over twenty kinds of sugar-free candies.

Beans and Rice

Beans & Rice

This is a line that we've expanded a few times in the past years, and sales of new products - like Brown & Wild Rice Blend, Basmati Rice, Saffron Jasmine Rice, and Holiday Soup Mix - have exceeded our expectations. But don't overlook delicious old standbys like Green Split Peas, Hearty Soup Mix, or Long Grain Brown Rice.

Oats and Cereal

Oats & Cereal

Some of the best-selling items in our entire Bulk Foods department are Rolled Oats, Quick Oats, and Baby Oats. Customer uses of these items varies widely (breakfast, baking, snacking, etc.), so we've grouped the grains together and separated the granolas, oatmeals, and other breakfast foods into another group.

Soup Mixes

Soup Mixes

We offer a line of home-style dry soup mixes for when you need a meal that's "quick" but also nutritious and tasty. You'll find a number of "no MSG added" versions here, too, as well as various dip and dressing mixes.



You'll enjoy browsing our well-stocked spices section. The prices are competitive because we buy in bulk, and the freshness and quality are top-notch! You can buy a "Guide to Spices" booklet here as well, to help you with the various usages for each spice.

Hospitality Cereal

Hospitality Bulk Cereal

Great eating at a great price - that's the story on these great big packages of Hospitality cereals, which weigh in at 35 oz. each. Buy in bulk and save. We offer twelve different kinds!

Candy Bin

Candy Bin

Don't miss our display of bulk candy, which is loaded with 90+ kinds of candies - including hard-to-find old tyme favorites like Mary Janes, French Burnt Peanuts, and Licorice Allsorts. Chocolate Fanatics: We have your candy! Chocolate Covered Peanuts, coffee beans, and cashews; Chocolate Covered Cranberries and bananas! Gummi Fanatics: We have your candy! 30 kinds to choose from! The Candy Bin also showcases no-sugar-added favorites.