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All Natural JoeTea - Peach
Peach Tea - by Joe - combines the nostalgic goodness of natural peaches with an all natural tea that (naturally!) really satisfies!

20 fl. oz. glass Bottles.
$5.96 / Each
Kutztown Birch Beer Soda
Birch beer has a smooth, rich texture with an old-fashioned-goodness flavor that is very popular in our corner of Penn's Woods.

24 fl. oz. Bottles.
$3.73 / Each
Kutztown Black Cherry Soda
This soda, like all Kutztown soft drinks, are made with the finest ingredients, including pure cane sugar.

24 fl. oz. Bottles.
$3.73 / Each
Kutztown Sarsaparilla Soda
A signature product of this landmark Pennsylvania Dutch Country firm which was established way back in 1851!

24 fl. oz. Bottles.
$3.73 / Each
Pa Dutch Birch Beer 12/12oz
Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer has an old fashioned taste and old fashioned goodness in every bottle! This dark soda has a rich and creamy taste with a bold birch beer flavor that your whole family will enjoy.
$16.10 / Each
PA Dutch Diet Birch Beer - 12 Oz.
Here you'll have the same great taste as our Regular Birch Beer but without the the aftertaste associated with many diet beverages. All this but no calories, fat, sugar or caffeine!

12 oz. Cans.
$23.00 / 12-Pack
Stoltzfus Root Beer Extract-4oz
Mixing and preparation instructions on bottle detail how you can have a all-family-favorite drink on hand in just over 48 hours!.

4 fl. oz. Bottles.
$7.99 / Each
Waist Watcher Diet Root Beer - 12 oz.
Perfect for those sultry summer afternoons (or most any other times, for that matter) when the whole group needs a quick, cold and invigorating sugar-free pick-me-up!

12 fl. oz. Cans
$12.96 / 6-Pack
Showing 1 - 49 of 49
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