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A Dish of Tea
Along with great teatime recipes, this book features interesting tidbits of tea's history and lore. You'll love it!

32 Pages.
Native American Recipes
The fifty-one recipes found herein include foods, such as Fry Bread and Fruit Leather, which were common to many tribes, as well as dishes that were more regional favorites.

32 Pages.
Old Country Store Recipes
Suggestions for you: You'll quickly want to try Cornmeal Pie and Baking Powder Biscuits (among others!) after you have this book at your disposal.
Old Fashioned Christmas Recipes
This volume from Bear Wallow contains Christmastime recipes and descriptions from early American days that we expect will please the folks around your table quite well indeed!
Old Fashioned Ice Cream Recipes
This favorite traces the development of ice creams from early civilizations (the Chinese, Greeks and Romans) all the way to the love affair with this all-American dessert today. These eighty-five recipes include many flavors of churned ice creams, ices & sherbets, ice cream pies, parfaits, bombes, mousses and other specialty ice cream treats, as well as butterscotch, strawberry, fudge sauce and other toppings. A Bear Wallow "Top Twelve" selection at Kauffman's in 2009-2010!
Old Fashioned Mushroom Recipes
Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson admired French mushroom cookery and American settlers found various varieties of wild mushrooms which are still enjoyed by many today. Of course, cultivated varieties, first grown commercially in nearby Chester County (often called the "Mushroom Capital of the World) are readily available throughout our country. There are seventy-five wonderful recipes to be found in this book to liven up and improve appetizers, soups, sauces, salads, breads, and side dishes that you'll be creating in your kitchen!
Old Fashioned Orange Grove Recipes
Christopher Columbus introduced citrus fruit to the western hemisphere in 1493 (on his second trans-Atlantic voyage), and they have been popular ever since! If you're like many citrus fans you consume more lemons and limes when its warm outside and more oranges and grapefruit in cooler months. This collection of 74 recipes makes delicious use of all of them in beverages, breads, breakfast and brunch dishes, desserts, and more that are fitting during every season of the year!
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