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 Amish Treats From My Kitchen
Another super volume from Sallie Lapp that's just bursting to introduce your taste buds to Lancaster County specialties and favorites. It specializes in breads, cakes, pies, cookies and other great desserts (and don't forget the fasnachts!) 47 pages.
$5.46 / Each
A Dish of Tea
Along with great teatime recipes, this book features interesting tidbits of tea's history and lore. You'll love it!

32 Pages.
$5.69 / Each
Amazingly Simple
This is a great cookbook for those who suffer (or know someone who does) from ADHD, sutism, allergies, asthma and a variety of other disorders. The recipes are not complicated and you end up with a very tasty product.

286 pages
$26.80 / Each
Breakfast & Brunch Cookbook
With this" breakfast book" from Lancaster County in hand you'll never have to wonder, "What shall I make for breakfast this morning?"

150 pages.
$12.96 / Each
 Cooking with the Fishers
Be sure to bring your copy of this book along when you stop in at our market. We can direct you to the Fisher home for an autograph!
126 Pages.
$12.60 / Each
 Country Lane Quilts & Family Cooking
One of our newest, this cookbook was produced by the operators (who are proficient in both sewing and culinary skills!) of the well known Country Lane Quilts Shop in nearby Leola. You'll like the abundance of recipes for just about every meal need and especially the section on Amish church wedding food. 206 pages
$18.90 / Each
Canning The Amish Way
On Sale!
Authentic - but basic and simple - recipes gathered from lots of ladies in the Amish community.

84 Pages.
$12.43 / Each
$10.43 / Each
Centre County Amish Cooking
Apple Dapple Cake, Can't Wait Apple Cake and German Raw Apple Cake - just three features from the Cakes & Frosting section of this volume.

288 Pages.

281 Pages.
$17.50 / Each
Country Canning Cookbook
Home canning is both an art and a science, says J.R. Coffey, the compiler. This resource should elevate your efforts on both of these levels!

190 Pages.
$17.95 / Each
Country Canning Cookbook II
Mr Coffey has done it again with this sequel to his earlier volume on home canning. It is a definitive resource on both the merits and how-to of this old art and science.

248 Pages.
$17.95 / Each
Four Seasons Cookbook
A collection of over 700 Amish recipes from the parents of West Lykens Valley School District students.

316 Pages.
$18.92 / Each
Good and Healthy Cooking
Mouth-watering photos of every recipe are a beautiful "staple" of this NEW cookbook produced by a Plain Community mom and daughter.

204 Pages.
$24.68 / Each
Healthy Choices
Wishing to trim the fat from meals without sacrificing flavor? This Healthy Choices cookbook should be just the choice for you!

454 Pages.
$19.61 / Each
Hearthside Recipes from Connor Prairie Museum
Ready for amusing and informative notes that provide eyewitness accounts of mealtimes in the early 19th century? Kitchen utensils of these bygone days are pictured in this volume and etiquette rules of the time period(!) are given. Recipes include appetizers & condiments, meats, soups, vegetable and side dishes, desserts, and breads & biscuits. Many of the fifty authentic early 19th century recipes are adapted for modern tastes.
$5.69 / Each
Homemade Mixes
You'll find a wellspring of ideas for good food, and fast in this Homemade Mixes volume.

74 pages.
$10.80 / Each
 Kountry Kookin' Cookbook
Authored by Sylvia Miller of Bird-in-Hand, there's something for everyone in this slim Lancaster County favorites volume. Sylvia writes, "I would like to share over 200 recipes with you. These are some of my family's favorites. I'm sure you'll find some that will keep them smiling at your home also." 68 pages.
$5.40 / Each
Local Choices
Join the local foods movement! Easy, practical steps to a healthier you, a greener planet and a stronger community.

183 Pages.
$13.84 / Each
 May I Have That Recipe, Here It Is
You'll enjoy the loose leaf design and unique section heading folders as well as the abundance of great recipes in this new Lancaster County produced cookbook.

156 pages.
$20.90 / Each
Old Country Store Recipes
Suggestions for you: You'll quickly want to try Cornmeal Pie and Baking Powder Biscuits (among others!) after you have this book at your disposal.
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Apple Recipes
An extra bonus: this very popular Bear Wallow selection includes an "Apple Guide" which matches apple varieties with recommended uses.
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Berry & Cherry Recipes
Not only health benefits, but wonderful flavor, set berries and cherries apart and lend to their popularity ...and to the popularity of this volume, no doubt!

32 Pages.
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Candy Recipes
This could be a popular resource in your home during those winter months when home made candy is high on everybody's wish-list!!
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Cookie Recipes
Instructions for building a Gingerbread House are included herein, as well as sixty-seven recipes for drop, rolled, molded, pressed, and bar cookies!
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Fish & Seafood Recipes
We recognize the health benefits of eating fish and seafood, of course, but also know how good it can taste! Here are eighty-two recipes (Baked Scallops, Sole Amandine,or Southern Shrimp Gumbo, anybody?), neatly divided into seawater regions of the United States (like New England and the Gulf Coast, for instance) where they originated. Better yet, besides being nutritious and delicious, most of these recipes are quickly and easily prepared.
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Mushroom Recipes
Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson admired French mushroom cookery and American settlers found various varieties of wild mushrooms which are still enjoyed by many today. Of course, cultivated varieties, first grown commercially in nearby Chester County (often called the "Mushroom Capital of the World) are readily available throughout our country. There are seventy-five wonderful recipes to be found in this book to liven up and improve appetizers, soups, sauces, salads, breads, and side dishes that you'll be creating in your kitchen!
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Orange Grove Recipes
Christopher Columbus introduced citrus fruit to the western hemisphere in 1493 (on his second trans-Atlantic voyage), and they have been popular ever since! If you're like many citrus fans you consume more lemons and limes when its warm outside and more oranges and grapefruit in cooler months. This collection of 74 recipes makes delicious use of all of them in beverages, breads, breakfast and brunch dishes, desserts, and more that are fitting during every season of the year!
$5.69 / Each
Old Fashioned Persimmon Recipes
Historical notes in this volume trace persimmon cookery back to Native Americans and early settlers. Harvesting, cleaning, and processing of this exquisite fruit are discussed herein and sixty-four recipes for puddings, breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and salads are listed for your consideration. Persimmons can also be used as a main ingredient in ice cream and good-old homemade candy. The original edition of this title was Bear Wallow's very first book, published in 1978!
$5.69 / Each
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