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Apple Smoked Marinade
Enjoy the delicate and distinctive smoky flavor in this new Applewood Smoked Marinade from The Market Cupboard collection. Try this as a marinade with beef, pork, turkey or chicken. It will also add a sweet and aromatic flavor to any dish.

12 fl. oz. Bottle
Lemon Pepper Marinade & Dressing
Another great marinade from The Market Cupboard collection.This lively and light marinade blend of zesty lemon peel and cracked black pepper will add a kick of flavor to your favorite dishes! It can also be used as a liquid flavoring for grilled meats and seafood or a topping for your favorite pasta.

12 fl. oz. Bottles
Zesty Italian Marinade & Dressing
This marinade and dressing is a classic, robust blend of garlic, savory, basil, marjoram and other assorted spices that is perfect for a salad topper or use as a marinade for grilled chicken, seafood or roast vegetables. Also a marinade from The Market Cupboard collection.

12 fl. oz. Bottle
Showing 1 - 4 of 4