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Mud Sale Time!
2/19/2019 - 10:47:52 AM
by Jeff Pauls
Mud Sale Time!This time of year it’s nice to think about getting out and about, flowers, planting of gardens, and getting the lawn chairs out. It’s not quite time for those pleasures, but on a dreary day in February it can bring a bright spot and a smile. Photo courtesy of amishamerica.comThe annual slew of Mud S... Read More
I'm the Same Person | A Reflection
2/5/2019 - 9:34:53 AM
by Jeff Pauls
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Im the Same Person | A Reflection How can I be the same person if I’ve changed so much? Since I have the same body, and all of my family still call me the same name, it follows that I’m not someone other than I was the day I was born.I see pictures of myself and, while I recognize the person there--it’s me, I also see my face chang... Read More
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