Mud Sale Time!

2/19/2019 - 10:47:52 AM

This time of year it’s nice to think about getting out and about, flowers, planting of gardens, and getting the lawn chairs out. It’s not quite time for those pleasures, but on a dreary day in February it can bring a bright spot and a smile.


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The annual slew of Mud Sales will begin on February 23, so making some of those daydreams a reality is not far off. If you like and/or need farm equipment, quilts, furniture, tools, dishware, or buggies, a mud sale is a great way to browse around and get your fill. You might even come home with just what you need. Or maybe it’ll be just what you’ve been eying for a birthday or wedding present. And you certainly will not lack opportunities to eat. In fact, if you plan it right, you could get all three meals there! Wouldn’t that be fun!?

Ever wonder why these sales are called mud sales? According to Amish America, a website that features all kinds of information and facts about Amish, “the mud sale name comes from the condition of farmers’ fields during the spring thaw, a time when many of the sales are held.”

The first one to look for, as I mentioned earlier, will be held Saturday, February 23 at the Strasburg Fire Company. Additionally, there will be an evening sale of crafts and small quilt items the night before, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

The next few on the list include Bart Fire Company, Gordonville Fire Company, and Penryn Volunteer Fire Company. Click on each of the links in the last sentence for dates and information. For a complete schedule of all the sales this year, you can see the schedule on the aforementioned Amish America website.


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Venture out this year to one or more of these sales. If you never have, you’ll be sorry you waited so long. If your an old hand at these sales, then you’re already scheming your arrival time to get the best parking spot. Either way, these sales are a great way to add to your appreciation of our great, our wonderful, Lancaster County.

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