I'm the Same Person | A Reflection

2/5/2019 - 9:34:53 AM


How can I be the same person if I’ve changed so much? Since I have the same body, and all of my family still call me the same name, it follows that I’m not someone other than I was the day I was born.

I see pictures of myself and, while I recognize the person there--it’s me, I also see my face change, my height change, my weight change, etc. And still, at every stage of my life, I have been me. Yes, I have grown, but I have always been me.

I am the same person I was when I was born. I’ve lived over five decades. I have the same body. It has experienced a lot of changes, but it's the same one I was born with. It will be the same body that will die some day. That will be one of it's final changes. And all the while the world continues around me.

The trees grow, the rivers flow, and everyone else in the world goes about their lives.

A Pine Tree’s Growth

My Age and What Else Was Happening


3 yrs old


13 yrs old


23 yrs old


33 yrs old


43 yrs old


53 yrs old

The Soviet-Led Invasion Of Czechoslovakia to bring an end to that country's brief period of political liberalization

Jimmy Carter Rafts the Salmon River during his visit to Idaho state

Juli Inkster

Wins 1988 LPGA Atlantic City Classic

David Kaczynski

Receives $1 million for turning in his brother, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski

Veronica Campbell-Brown Wins 200m in 2008 Olympic Games

Paul Manafort Found guilty of 8 different financial crimes.

Why I am I thinking about this aspect of my life? I’m not sure, probably because I’m 53. But who does that?

When do you think about things? I think when I’m mowing the lawn, taking a shower, taking a walk, or driving by myself. I think about how to get that home project done. I think about how to get further on a project at work. I think about my family--my own, and the one I grew up in. I think about my life.

I’m learning that when I think I don’t always have to draw a conclusion, figure it out, pass a judgement, or know that next step. I’m learning that just having time to reflect is valuable. So, for what it’s worth, I offer the table above. It captures a little of how each of us begin living somewhere on this big wide world and we remain that person, that one person, our whole lives.

I don’t know, for some reason, I just find that interesting.

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It is a natural thing to reflect as we get older (gotcha by 10 years!), maybe it is a way of becoming comfortable with what we know is ahead. By remembering the past I find it grounds me into an uncertain but inevitable future. What your refer to as me is your soul, and we all wonder what will happen to me when our bodies no longer exist. I have recently lost many family members, friends, and neighbors, even our good ol' boy Elvis, our pet dog. That has me thinking too, what is in store for me? But I'm living life to the fullest and making every day count.
Donald Cade
2/5/2019 - 3:47:26 PM
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