Food Truck Frenzy: The Rise Of Lancaster Food Trucks

7/16/2019 - 2:07:59 PM

Once again it’s time for Kauffman’s Food Truck Friday! Come and join us this Friday, July 17. BUZZ is back and we welcome Bricker’s Famous Fries

Turns out we’re trending right along with all that’s Lancaster! Check out this article featured in last summer’s Fig magazine. After starting your weekend with our Food Trucks, why not wander over to Lancaster to check out the food truck scene in the city?

Cover Photo: Souvlaki Boys

The sizzling summer season is here and Lancaster is the hot spot for mouthwatering tastes. Some of the best flavors you can get aren’t available in a restaurant—they are from food trucks!


From bold burgers to refreshing ice cream, the food truck scene in Lancaster continues to grow with new additions like BUZZ and Reunion, to classic staples like Lancaster Cupcake and Upohar.


We chatted with some local food truck experts on why the scene continues to be a hot foodie trend.

Lancaster Burger Company. 

It’s A Food Truck Frenzy!

“Right now, I think the scene is getting its feet, and that’s a cool time,” said Michael Sirianni, owner of the new BUZZ food truck. “We’ve had food trucks around for the last couple of summers—but I think this summer signals a change to a larger community of vendors who are committed to doing something that puts Lancaster in the spotlight.”


The Lancaster food truck scene continues to grow. And it isn’t just the idea of food trucks, but street food in general. There is just something about having accessible, delicious food in pop-up parks, at events, and all around the City.


“Food trucks offer real, scratch-made food, served quickly and conveniently located to wherever you are—whether you’re at work, at a festival, or a local brewery,” said Michael Kambouroglos, owner of Souvlaki Boys. “I love getting to meet new people, talk about the food that we’re serving, and hear and see people’s reactions to eating it.”


“We love that Lancaster’s food truck scene continues to grow and diversify. With that, we think the support and community amongst trucks is pretty awesome as well.” Joe Smoker from Lancaster Burger Co. began his career in a corporate setting—until he decided a desk job just wasn’t his style. “No day is the same. I love that. That and meeting all the people. Everyone’s eating great food, having great conversation and sharing in community. I couldn’t ask for more than that as a small business owner.”

Prince St. Pop-up Park.

Tricks Of The Trade

Food trucks are awesome—but also hard work. Looking to start one? These experts have the tips.


“Don’t try and take any shortcuts,” said Michael from BUZZ. “In setting up our truck, we have learned a ton about regulations on health, safety, and more.  You’ve got to be dedicated to knowing the ‘ins and outs’ of all your local ordinances.”


Michael from Souvlaki added his top five tips for starting a food truck: “One, find a food that means something to you, that you can pour your heart into. Two, figure out if there is a market or demand for that food. Three, know whether your area allows food trucks and, if so, know exactly how, where, and when you can work it. Four, design your food truck down to the tiniest detail to maximize space, efficiency, and speed of service. Finally, tip five is work hard!”


“Go for it. But do your research. And get ready for some long and crazy hours,” added Joe from Lancaster Burger Co. “But for me, and for my family, it’s worth it. We couldn’t see ourselves doing anything else. And I don’t think that’s something a lot of people get to say about their jobs. Thanks for letting us serve 

you Lancaster!”

LEFT: Lancaster Cupcake. RIGHT: Reunion. 


BUZZ food truck. 

Where To Find Some Of Our Favorites

The Lancaster food truck scene is booming and new trucks keep popping up around the City. Reunion food truck opened in 2017, and BUZZ [opened in 2018].


The Prince Street pop-up park is a favorite spot over the summer. 


Check out the websites for Souvlaki Boys, Lancaster Burger Company, Lancaster Cupcake, BUZZ, Penny’s, Upohar, Reunion, Dough Head Waffles, and Urban Olive to see when each truck is scheduled to be around the City and area.


Follow Fig Lancaster on Instagram to check out our Food Truck Friday spotlight on some of your favorite Lancaster trucks and get ready to explore some of the best this area has to offer.

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Article first appeared in Fig magazine.

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