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5/7/2018 - 11:00:36 AM

Your mom knows you just about as well as anyone. How well do you know your mom? Probably better than you think. Give it some thought. What’s her favorite music? What’s her favorite pastime? What’s her favorite food? This Mother’s Day, why not spend time doing something with her that she especially likes? And while you’re at it why not get to know her even better by asking about her childhood, her college days, or when she learned to drive? dads, if your children are younger, this is your chance to guide them. Come up with activities along the lines I’ve just described. Not only does this behavior help them show their love for their mother, it’s also modeling behavior that your children can emulate as they get older.

A popular activity on Mother’s Day is to go out to eat. Drive down main street and all the best restaurants have lines out the door of people waiting for a table. Dining out is a great way to show your mom you care about her. Though, it certainly shouldn’t stop there. Are there other activities that your mom would especially enjoy? Hiking? A museum? Shopping? Projects? The park? A day at the gym/spa? Some of these are obviously things you could give as gifts for a later date. Some of these activities could happen after your Mother’s Day lunch, whether you’ve eaten at home or at her favorite restaurant.

Here are some ideas that you could do together that afternoon or evening. Or if you made other plans you know your mom will enjoy and you’re feeling crafty, you could make these things ahead of time as a gift.

Hand Brushed Containers

These containers can be made to match your mom’s existing decor or to start a new theme she might be interested in.

The method can be applied to dishes you already have at home or you can purchase them.

And the types of containers you can use are unlimited! All different sizes of bowls, plates, vases, cups, etc. could be used for this idea!

Have fun creating your own Hand Brushed Containers.





Photo by Christy Moyer on Unsplash

Herb Garden Starter Kit

A lot of moms enjoy getting outdoors and exercising their creativity in a garden that yields a variety of fresh produce.

Flower gardens and beds are also popular with moms. An herb garden is especially handy if someone in the family is especially fond of cooking.

Being able to go out to the porch or the back yard and cut just the herbs you need for that special sauce or stir fry is perfect because it’s so fresh!

Have fun creating your own Herb Garden Starter Kit.


Bath Bombs

After a day in the garden, a long day at work, or getting home from a business trip, what better way to unwind than in a hot steaming bath?

These bath bombs are just the thing to turn your bath into a spa-like experience. Adding just enough scent to soothe, relaxation is just seconds away. And the ingredients soften your skin, promoting its long term health.

Have fun creating your own Bath Bombs.


Those are just a few ideas you’re sure to like. Here are three more: Painted Monogram Napkins for Mother’s Day, Candy Kiss and Tissue Paper Roses (Wilbur Buds would be perfect for this craft!), and Wood Plaques for Mother’s Day (This is one I think I might try!).

And when you’re shopping for the items for these crafts or the ingredients for that lovely meal you’re planning for your mother, consider Kauffman’s and our many quality products.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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