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Bismoline Medicated Powder, 7.25 Oz.

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Bismoline Medicated Powder was formulated around the turn (into the twentieth one, that is) of the century right here in Lancaster PA (it's still produced here) and hasn't changed significantly since.

7.25 oz. Containers.
Bismoline is cooling, comforting, soothing to your skin (here are some testimonials) and smells great besides! Use after showers or baths to reduce irritation, chafing, itching, and wetness. You'll appreciate how this product absorbs moisture, provides deodorant action keeping you dry and refreshed all day and relieves hot, itching feet. To use as an aid in the treatment of athlete's foot apply daily on feet and inside shoes. Many have found that this Lancaster PA produced powder is great for the treatment and prevention of diaper rash, too.

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Ing: talc, boric acid, zinc oxide, bismuth subnitrate, magnesium carbonate, and fragrance.
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