CSA Program - 2014

February, 2014 Update: We are finalizing details, including schedule and pricing. The information on this page is accurate as of early February, but is subject to change. In the meantime, enjoy the snow! We enjoy it, as it's healthy for the 2014 harvest season and, ultimately, for human health.

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Enrollment Options

  1. Download our CSA brochure, fill it out, and mail it to us with a check.
  2. Call us at 717-768-7112, and we'll take your credit card payment over the phone.
  3. Stop in at our market along Rt. 340 just east of Bird-in-Hand (directions) to complete an application and payment.
  4. Easiest Option: Buy a CSA Share online right now, easily, on our secure website. Click this red button to go to the CSA Share shopping page:
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What is Community Supported Agriculture?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct food connection between us (the farmer) and you (the consumer). When you join our CSA program, you become a "shareholder" in the local agricultural economy for the entire growing season. “Shareholders” receive a weekly “share” of fresh, seasonal produce and other local food. Each shareholder pays a one-time subscription fee before the growing season begins to buy this "share". No other payment is required at all throughout the season. For interesting reading, see the good things Local Harvest says about CSA.

The Benefits of CSA
In addition to the local, nutritious food that you will look forward to and enjoy weekly, there are also the intangible rewards of (1) becoming closer to and learning about the local agricultural community (thus experiencing a “share” of farm life), and (2) knowing that you are supporting local farmers who strive to be responsible stewards of the good earth that our Lord has entrusted us with. We, the farmers, benefit from the seasonal start-up capital that we can use immediately to pay for young trees, fertilizer, labor and other pre-harvest expenses.

Locations & Scheduling
Who May Enroll: Any interested person. The program is especially suited for Lancaster Countians, although we are proud to note that recently we had CSA customers from New Jersey!
Pickup Point:
Our market in Bird-in-Hand.
First pickup date: Friday, May 23, 2014
Last pickup date: For participants with full shares, October 17; for participants with half shares, October 10.

Pricing & Policies
CSA "Share" Information:

  • Full Share - $550. $25 worth of local food every Friday for 22 consecutive weeks, beginning on May 23.
  • Half Share - $300. The same share as a Full Share, but on every other Friday, also beginning on May 23 (a total of 11 Fridays).
  • Sample Share - $120. The same share as a Full Share, but only on the first four Fridays of your choice of month (June-September).
  • Delivery - Kauffman's does not offer delivery. All shares (full, half, sample) will be available for pickup at our Bird-in-Hand market on your scheduled Fridays anytime after 9 AM.
  • Every CSA share includes 6-8 seasonal produce items, such as home-grown fruit from our orchard and fresh vegetables from Lancaster County farmers. Occasionally, you will also receive other local products like eggs, baked goods, canned vegetables, and honey. Items are always either homegrown, locally grown, or homemade, and are never commercially produced products.


Lancaster County Fresh Foods Predicted To Be In 2014 CSA Shares:

• Apples • Blueberries • Cucumbers • Pears • Spinach
• Apple Butter • Bread • Eggplant • Peppers • Squash
• Apple Cider • Broccoli • Eggs • Pies • Sweet Corn
• Apple Dumplings • Cabbage • Honey • Plums • Tomatoes
• Apple Snitz • Canned Vegetables • Lettuce • Horseradish, prepared • Turnips
• Asparagus • Cantalope • Nectarines • Pumpkins • Watermelon
• Beans • Carrots • Noodles • Radishes • And more!
• Beets • Cauliflower • Onions • Raspberries  
• Blackberries • Cherries • Peaches • Rhubarb  

CSA Reviews
This was the first year that we participated in the CSA program...but it certainly won't be our last! While there are a few weeks left this season, I wanted to share with you how much my family has enjoyed the experience. The produce has been a very high quality, and we have appreciated the variety each week. My husband jokes that we are on the TV show "Chopped" because we must eat/cook what is in the basket. It has been a lot of fun finding new recipes and learning to enjoy some foods that we wouldn't normally purchase for ourselves. I would highly recommend Kauffman's CSA and have been to anyone who will listen! We also must commend Kauffman's on the Apple Butter BBQ Sauce. This was in our bag one week, and I believe I have bought another bottle every other week when I pick up our share. It is absolutely delicious!

I have enjoyed the program. I believe next year will be weekly, not bi-weekly. Thank-you for all the fresh fruits and vegetables.

I LOVE the CSA program and would recommend it to anyone. This was my 3rd year, and I think the variety is great and the quality even better. I appreciate the bag tag that describes the contents as well. I've opted for the 1/2 share because weekly was just too much food for just my husband and I, so I hope you will continue to offer it. I know other people that participate in CSA's in other areas, and they don't get the variety of foods nor do they get as much fruit as we do, and their prices are higher in some cases. I'm always sorry to see the last day roll around, so I will anxiously await next year's selections.

Convinced this is something you want for your family? Click the red button to enroll today! Buy CSA Share

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