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Bulk Foods
Here at Kauffman's, we buy large quantities of a w-i-d-e variety of bulk products, mostly from local companies such as Dutch Valley Food Distributors and C. O. Nolt. We then package these bulk foods into much smaller, random sizes and pass the savings on to you! And (Helpful Hint coming up), if you like bulk foods, will you ever enjoy DiscoverBulk.com!

Please note: Our bulk food products are sold by weight, not volume, and are packaged in random weight packages. You will probably not receive the exact amount of an individual bulk food item that you order - however, it will be very close. We adjust the sales order based on the actual weight of the items in your package (but the total charge is never higher than you paid for at checkout). We pay strict attention to packing website orders accurately. If you have any questions about ordering random weight items, please call our Website Department at 717-768-7112, or email us.
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Dutch Country Favorites
Here's a sizable collection of products that sort of "personifies" Lancaster County - yes, they're all produced in and around the Pennsylvania "Dutch" Country. You'll enjoy browsing here, we expect, and when you're all done may want to proceed to Homemade Canned Goods for a large selection of our area's best!
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Jams & Jellies
This complete line of homestyle Jams, Jellies, and Spreads is made for us using quality fruit ingredients. Customers in our Bird-in-Hand market often comment on the delicious real-fruit flavor. Many flavors have SUGAR-FREE versions too - called Spreads. "JAM" indicates a jelly with little bits of actual fruit in it; "JELLY" is what most folks think of when they hear the word, a more strained type of fruit topping; and "SPREAD" is a sugar-free jam or jelly.
 Kauffman's Apples & Cider
Since 1926 we have been "putting on the squeeze" and reaping the delightful flavor and all-natural goodness of fresh sweet apple cider. Careful, consistent blending of sweet and tart apple varieties is our specialty. The apples are inspected and washed before being ground and squeezed with modern, sanitary equipment. The cider is screened and flash-pasteurized, making a delicious, nutritious, refreshing beverage. It is then bottled by our state-of-the-art, automated bottling system. In 2010 Kauffman's hard working cider production crew pressed about 130,000 bushels of apples, which produced over 431,000 gallons of cider. Helpful Hint: It's fun and tasty to include apple cider in various kitchen klassics and meal ideas. Drink to your health!
 Kauffman's Homemade Fruit Butter & Snitz
We make our All Natural Fruit Butters right here on the farm. These products get their rich, delicious flavor from our old-fashioned process of cooking the fruit in fruit juices, retaining the natural sugars and fiber of the fruit. We take care to make all of our Apple, Peach, Pear and Pumpkin Butters "just right".

Keith in Georgia wrote us about it:
I'm sure you know this but just wanted to say that Kauffman's Apple Butter is THE best I've ever tasted. LOVE the wholesomeness, texture, and of course the taste that you've perfected -- and I consider myself an apple butter connoisseur so I should know! (have tried dozens of different ones). And my whole family agrees with me! We always buy a large supply when we go on vaca in Madeira Beach, Florida and visit the Amish Ice Cream and Foods store there. But now I just realized I can buy it online too. Anyway, just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your exceptional family business. All the best to you.
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