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We're happy to offer this selection of GLUTEN FREE items that many of you seem appreciative of (Gluten Free eating is one of the fastest-growing food trends in the U.S. today). When you've browsed this section you may wish to click here to view over thirty Gluten Free products offered by Bob's Red Mill. Also, Gluten Free Cooking and Brimming Bowls; A Gluten Free Treasury could be helpful in providing tasty gluten free dishes in your home.
Asher s/f Milk Chocolate Bars
Who said you had to give up decadence when you gave up sugar? This sugar-free chocolate is just as rich and creamy as any chocolate bars you'd find anywhere!

1.65 oz. Bars.
$4.99 / Each
Organic Rolled Oats
These Rolled Oats are made from kilned, whole groats processed by steaming and flaking and are Certified Organic throughout both the growing and processing!

Organic Rolled Oats Recipe
Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil. Add
1 cup oatmeal and salt to taste, then let
simmer for 10 minutes.
Large Bag / 3.2 lb. @ $1.64 per lb. / $5.25
Zimmerman All Natural Peanut Butter
No salt or sugar added and the result is a high-in-protein, high-in-healthfulness, high-in-flavor product!

32 oz. Containers.
$15.77 / Each Sorry! Item Out Of Stock. Check Back Soon!
Showing 1 - 16 of 16
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