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Mrs. Miller, well known for her homemade noodle products, has a sister who, with her family, produce an extensive line of interesting, hard-to-find and ultra tasty jams in Holmes County, Ohio that will be sure to please the toast, bread and English muffin lovers at your house!
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Mrs. Miller's Apricot Peach Jam
This combo of favorite summer fruit flavors may be especially suitable (among other seasons, of course), in the dead of winter.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Boysenberry Jam
Mrs. Miller's homemade Boysenberry Jam, you'll quickly find upon having a quantity shipped to your house, is one exceptional jam!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Bumbleberry Jam
A mysterious blend of berries revealed at last (see below)! For finger-lickin' flavors you can finally put your finger on.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Cranberry Jelly
This is another Mrs. Miller's classic that we here at the fruit farm don't think you should be missing out on!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's F.R.O.G. Jam
Expecting frogs? Think again. This unique and homemade jam is made with a creative mixture of three fruits and ginger - more details below!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's F.R.O.G. Jam - Hopping

Well, Mrs. Miller took "her" original F.R.O.G. jam (a winner in its own right) and added it a little Jalapeno to give this product quite a HOP!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Fig Jam
Enjoy the at-once sweet and savory taste of this jam on your favorite fresh baked breads and a few other ways - see below!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Gooseberry Jam
Homemade, from the folks at Mrs. Millers and fit for a queen, this jam from the unique gooseberry, is sure to be!

8 oz. Jars
Mrs. Miller's Hot Pepper Jelly

What a way to add some flair to your favorite meals - Mrs.Miller's Hot Pepper Jelly.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Kiwi Jam
Another new and exciting possibility from the jam people at Mrs. Miller's.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Loganberry Jam
Did you know? The Loganberry is a naturally occurring cross between blackberries and red raspberries.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Mango Jam
Another creative offering from Mrs. Millier's that combines outstanding flavor with a reasonable price tag.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Passion Fruit Jelly
Haven't tried Passion Fruit Jelly yet? Mrs. Miller could help correct that lack!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Quince Jelly
Quinces, like apples, contain a lot of pectin, so naturally are often used for jams and jellies. You and yours will just naturally enjoy this unique creation from Mrs. Miller's!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Raspberry Key Lime Jam
Inspire your taste buds with a collision of sweet raspberries and palate-puckering limes - they combine wonderfully to create this colorful and unique jam.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Red Currant Jelly
This Red Currant Jelly may give you the antioxidants you need while satisfying your sweet tooth.

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Red Raspberry Jalapeno Jam
Experience the fruity, bold and explosively delicious flavor that Mrs. Miller's Red Raspberry JalapeƱo Jam has to offer!

8 oz. Jars.
Mrs. Miller's Rhubarb Strawberry Jam-No Sugar Add

Rhubarb and Strawberry pair well in this at once tart and sweet spread.

8 oz. Jars.
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