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We make our All Natural Fruit Butters right here on the farm. These products get their rich, delicious flavor from our old-fashioned process of cooking the fruit in fruit juices, retaining the natural sugars and fiber of the fruit. We take care to make all of our Apple, Peach, Pear and Pumpkin Butters "just right".

Keith in Georgia wrote us about it:
I'm sure you know this but just wanted to say that Kauffman's Apple Butter is THE best I've ever tasted. LOVE the wholesomeness, texture, and of course the taste that you've perfected -- and I consider myself an apple butter connoisseur so I should know! (have tried dozens of different ones). And my whole family agrees with me! We always buy a large supply when we go on vaca in Madeira Beach, Florida and visit the Amish Ice Cream and Foods store there. But now I just realized I can buy it online too. Anyway, just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your exceptional family business. All the best to you.
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Fruit Butter & Jam Combo Packs
With these combo packs, you can customize a pack of fruit butter and jams using any of Kauffman's 3 dozen+ luscious flavors. The prices vary only by pack size.... not by flavor. These packs use a new, experimental packaging system that uses cardboard forms instead of foam sheets and packing peanuts. Internally, we refer to this as "fortress packaging" because it is so protective of the jars.
 Apple Butter Bar-B-Que Sauce
Another Lancaster County produced specialty, and it's ready for (extensive) use on chicken, ribs, steaks, chops and burgers!

15 oz. Jars.
$5.40 / Each
Homemade Apple Butter - No Sugar Added
This, our "maroon label" apple butter, is the most popular no-sugar-added Fruit Butter choice of all here at Kauffman's Fruit Farm! It is authentic like no other apple butter. You and yours will enjoy the all natural, full flavor that is produced when cinnamon is blended with healthful fresh apples and sweet apple cider.
Homemade Apple Butter - Original
Our most popular "blue label" apple butter, with the full flavor of Grandma's old-fashioned, spiced apple butter. BEST SELLER!
Homemade Apple Butter - Plain
Apple Spread in its plain simplicity and goodness. It's only puree from fresh apples plus our homemade sweet apple cider.
Homemade Apple Butter - With Honey
This is an improvement on our Plain Apple Butter, since it has added sweetener, BUT the sweetener is naturally-produced honey instead of added sugar. This recipe is just the ticket for folks with diabetes.
Homemade Dried Apple Schnitz - Sweet
Our homemade Sweet Apple Schnitz is made from fresh, naturally sweet apples (most often the Rome Beauty variety) and air-dried here on the farm, with no additives or preservatives used whatsoever. It is a great tasting, chewy, all-natural snack, and is a natural for lots of dried apple dish and dessert favorites and certainly that old Pennsylvania Dutch favorite - Schnitz and Knepp!
Homemade Dried Apple Schnitz - Tart
Our homemade Tart Apple Schnitz is made from fresh, more tart-tasting apples - usually the Idared or Granny Smith varieties - that are air-dried right here at Kauffman's without the use of additives or preservatives of any kind. It is a great tasting, chewy all-natural snack alone or (especially!) with other dried fruits (try this recipe), and is well known as an ingredient in Pennsylvania Dutch specialty dishes like Schnitz & Knepp and Schnitz Pie.
Homemade Peach Butter
Made with fresh, ripe peaches here on the farm, our all natural Peach Butters exhibit - for good reason(s) - a rich, peachy flavor. This mouth-awakening spread is perfect on toast to help you get a flavorful start to your day. Helpful Hint: Have you tried making peach muffins with Peach Butter yet?
Homemade Peach Butter - No Sugar Added
Made with juicy peaches right here on our farm, our all natural no-sugar-added Peach Butter offers you a head start in the healthy foods department. Have you ever wished for a no-sugar-added fruit product for your children at breakfast? Get it right here!
Homemade Pumpkin Butter
A bit unusual, perhaps, but it's a best seller! Imagine pumpkin pie as a bread spread, and you have the idea. As with all our Fruit Butters, this is homemade right here at our Bird-in-Hand orchard.
Homemade Pumpkin Butter - No Sugar Added
Take our best-selling Pumpkin Butter, make it without adding sugar... and you have a dieting-friendly breakfast food just like that! Imagine pumpkin pie as a bread spread, and you have the idea. As with all our Fruit Butters, this is homemade right here at our Bird-in-Hand orchard.
Homemade Fruit Butter Specialties Gift Box
Your choice of any combination of ten styles of our famous, homemade Apple, Peach, and Pumpkin Butters, half pint jars. Packed in an attractive gift box that is custom-cut for four half-pint jars.
$16.50 / Each
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