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Since 1926 we have been "putting on the squeeze" and reaping the delightful flavor and all-natural goodness of fresh sweet apple cider. Careful, consistent blending of sweet and tart apple varieties is our specialty. The apples are inspected and washed before being ground and squeezed with modern, sanitary equipment. The cider is screened and flash-pasteurized, making a delicious, nutritious, refreshing beverage. It is then bottled by our state-of-the-art, automated bottling system. In 2010 Kauffman's hard working cider production crew pressed about 130,000 bushels of apples, which produced over 431,000 gallons of cider. Helpful Hint: It's fun and tasty to include apple cider in various kitchen klassics and meal ideas. Drink to your health!
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Cranberry Apple Cider "Farm Fresh" Fruit Gift Box
This box is a flat price - customize your own taste of Lancaster County!

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"Flavors Of Orchard" Apple Box
Ahhh, the flavors of autumn! Choose from our own homegrown-in-Bird-in-Hand apples. Pricing will change as you change selections of fruit.

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Homemade Sweet Apple Cider "Orchard Sampler" Apple Gift Box
Lots of authentic autumn bounty orchard tastes here to be (greatly!) enjoyed by your loved ones.

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Spices for Hot Mulled Cider "USPS" Fruit Gift Box
Two layers of yummy Dutch Country food securely packed in foam.

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