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Ahhh, the flavors of an apple orchard! Join the trend of shoppers ordering fruits delivered to their door. These fresh fruit packs are quick 'n easy to order.

* An asterisk means the apples are homegrown right here in our Bird-in-Hand apple orchards. Our orchards are managed with the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, which produces healthier soil and better tasting fruit (click here to read our IPM webpage).
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 Fresh Earligold Apples*
Are there any July-ripening cultivars that produce better applesauce than Earligold? Well, maybe not!! Available from late July to late August, Earligold is a new & improved Transparent-type variety that has "caught on" fast with Lancaster County applesauce aficionados like our orchard manager Ken’s wife Ellen - Earligold is her favorite!

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$27.30 / Box of 16
 Fresh Sansa Apples*
On Sale!
Available in August and early September, Sansa is the first "real" eating apple of the season. An "offspring" of Gala and also related to Jonathan (now you know why everyone loves this apple!) that originated in Japan, Sansa is well positioned for success with its tremendous flavor, juice, and crunch.

Watch "Health Benefits of Apples" Video
$27.30 / Box of 16
$22.30 / Box of 16
 Fresh, Homegrown Peaches*
Fresh-Picked, Tree-Ripened Peaches from Our Orchard to Your Door! - Homegrown in Lancaster County, PA - Premium, Non-GMO, Juicy Peaches for Your Good Health - Individually Packed in Foam for Safe Shipping - Enjoy Summer's Bounty from Lancaster County, PA
$31.32 / Box of 16
Fresh Crispin Apples*
Not as well known, perhaps, but Crispin apples are well suited for fresh-eating and in many recipes and dishes that call for apples!
Sold out until early October
Showing 1 - 29 of 29
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