Jake and Amos is another flavorful line of canned goods produced right here in Lancaster County. Using the finest ingredients, Jake and Amos have captivated the true essence of "homemade" through the Amish Style Recipes which have been handed down through the generations combining hand picked fresh vegetables, fruits and seasonings - all of which the folks at your house will consider to be quite special!
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 Jake & Amos Pickled Eggs J&A Pickled Sweet Watermelon Rind Jake & Amos Jalapeno Eggs Jake & Amos Pickled Okra J&A Pickled Dill Brussel Sprouts
J&A Pickled Sweet Tiny Beets Jake & Amos Corn Salsa Jake & Amos Four Bean Salad Jake & Amos Marinated Mushrooms Jake & Amos Peach Halves
Jake & Amos Pickled Eggs - Red Beet Jake & Amos Pickled Sweet Cauliflower Jake & Amos Spiced Dilly Beans Jake & Amos Sweet Midget Pickles J&A Pickled Sweet Baby Corn- 32 oz.
Jake and Amos Pickled Sweet Baby Corn is flavored with sweet red pepper. This makes it a delicious crunchy snack straight from the jar.
Jake & Amos Dill Garlic Pickle Chips
Made using a traditional style recipe, with field fresh crunchy cucumbers and a touch of dill, The terrific taste of these is anything but traditional!

16 oz. jar.
Jake & Amos Dill Mushrooms
Here's a new, NEW Jake & Amos product just ready for you all to give them a try!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Green Tomato Relish

This refinement of an old Lancaster County specialty is truly one of a kind!

16 oz. jars.
Jake & Amos Harvard Beets
Don't know about Harvard Beets yet? After you have a jar of these shipped to your home you'll wish you had bought two!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Hot Garlic Mushrooms
Did you know? Pennsylvania accounts for over 55% of total United States production of fresh mushrooms. Source;

16 oz. jars.
Jake & Amos Hot Pickled Sweet Cauliflower
Jake and Amos Pickled Sweet Cauliflower is seasoned with just the right amount of sweet heat to make each piece zesty, crunchy and full of flavor. This dish makes a great addition to any meal or party platter.

16 oz. jars.
Jake & Amos Hot Sauce
You'll enjoy trying this little-bit-of-Lancaster-County in various savory recipes and on your main course (certainly!).

6 fl. oz. Bottles.
Jake & Amos Mild Sweet Stuffed Peppers
Impress yourself and your guests with this perfect side dish." It's an all natural garden "gem" and it's from Jake & Amos!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Million Dollar Pickles

We think you'll agree - these pickles are endued with exactly the right name!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Old Fashioned Pears-32 oz.
Since one can only procur fresh, home grown pears at Kauffman's Fruit Farm for about two months out of the year this good product could be the next best thing!
Jake & Amos Peanut Butter Schmier
The cook - and the "consumers" - at your house will find lots of uses for this great Peanut Butter Schmier!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Pickled Asparagus
Try just one bite of our Pickled Dill Asparagus spears and just see if you won't be back at Kauffman's online store for more.

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Pickled Green Tomatoes
This rare treat is ready to go and delicious straight out of the jar!

16 oz. jars.
Jake & Amos Real Bacon Dressing
This is one of our best-selling items in our entire Home Made Canned Goods line!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Salsa - Black Bean & Corn
New, Tasty and Exciting - even to people like us who are much more staid and Southeastern Pennsylvanian than flashy with American Southwestern taste preferences!

16 fl. oz .Jars.
Jake & Amos Salsa - Hot
Another in a great line of Jake & Amos line of salsas, this is the one for those who like real "heat!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Salsa - Mango
No matter how you choose to use it, you're sure to love the sweet and spicy taste of this unique salsa.

16 fl. oz. Jars.

Jake & Amos Salsa - Medium
Here it is - everyday great salsa in that not to hot but not to bland style

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Salsa - Mild
If everyone at your house keeps hollering for more salsa (Wanda Kauffman can relate!), this may be the perfect solution

16 fl. oz. Jars.

Jake & Amos Salsa - Peach
Well, this is a bit different... and quite a delicious twist to salsa at it's best.

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Sliced Jalapeno Peppers
If you can stand lots of "heat", you'll love these freshly packed and thinly sliced peppers.

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish
With this relish's blending of favorite spices added to an accent of hot (!) and sweet peppers, you'll find it (very) hard to beat.

16 fl. oz.Jars.
Jake & Amos Sweet & Hot Pepper Strips
Perfectly sized for sandwiches, these strips are, and they'll add just the right blend of sweet heat to sandwiches and dinner dishes.

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Sweet Fire Tiny Beets
One of the newest products coming from the landmark local Jake & Amos establishment - and one you'll enjoy immensely!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Sweet Onion Relish
This relish is a Lancaster County classic. Not just for hot dogs, this relish makes a sweet and delicious addition to any meal!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Sweet Pickle Relish
Oh yes, we all here at Kauffman's expect that everyone around the table will readily relish this relish!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Zesty Honey Dipping Mustard
Yes, it's zesty, it's sweet, it's tangy - perfect for many uses at your house - and it's Jake & Amos!

9 fl. oz. Jars.
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