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Jake and Amos is another flavorful line of canned goods produced right here in Lancaster County. Using the finest ingredients, Jake and Amos have captivated the true essence of "homemade" through the Amish Style Recipes which have been handed down through the generations combining hand picked fresh vegetables, fruits and seasonings - all of which the folks at your house will consider to be quite special!
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Jake & Amos Harvard Beets
Don't know about Harvard Beets yet? After you have a jar of these shipped to your home you'll wish you had bought two!

16 fl. oz. Jars.
Jake & Amos Hot Pickled Sweet Cauliflower
Jake and Amos Pickled Sweet Cauliflower is seasoned with just the right amount of sweet heat to make each piece zesty, crunchy and full of flavor. This dish makes a great addition to any meal or party platter.

16 oz. jars.
Jake & Amos Hot Sauce
You'll enjoy trying this little-bit-of-Lancaster-County in various savory recipes and on your main course (certainly!).

6 fl. oz. Bottles.
Jake & Amos Salsa - Mild
If everyone at your house keeps hollering for more salsa (Wanda Kauffman can relate!), this may be the perfect solution

16 fl. oz. Jars.

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