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Downey's Cinnamon Honey Butter
Enjoy that sweet honey taste with a touch of butter and cinnamon. We think that this product will do wonders for that piece of toast tomorrow morning!

8 oz. Containers.
$7.53 / Each
Fisher Pure Honey Bear
This is "regular" honey but using this selection liberally at meal time just may yield results that are beyond the ordinary!

12 oz. "Bear Bottles."
$9.66 / Each
New York Produced Pure Maple Syrup - Half Pint
If premier New York state produced Pure Maple Syrup, (where they've been boiling down maple sap for ever so long) is what you're looking for your search just may be over!

10 fl. oz. (1/2 pint) Glass Jars.
$10.99 / Each
New York Produced Pure Maple Syrup - Pint
An all-time favorite possibility for Maple Syrup such as this is to top vanilla ice cream with it, then add chopped walnuts and whipped cream to the dish and, presto, you'll have created a classic maple walnut sundae.

19 fl. oz. (1 Pint) Glass Jars.
$18.99 / Each
Savannah Bee Acacia Honey 12 oz
This NEW gourmet, monofloral, raw, kosher certified, all natural variety of honey is one that every honey connoisseur will want to try soon!

12 oz. Jars.
$23.87 / Each
Savannah Bee Honey for Tea 12 oz
Honey for Tea is Savannah Bee Company's mildest honey, making it a great sweetener for fancy teas that won't overwhelm the tea's natural flavors.

12 oz. Jars.
$18.98 / Each
Stockin's Comb Honey 10 oz.
Haven't tried Comb Honey as a bread spread yet? You'll want to fix that situation shortly, we here at Kauffman's think!

12 oz. Containers.
$25.44 / Each
Stockin's Pure Honey - 16 oz.
Pure Honey for all-purpose usage, convenient squirt top lid and, notice, we're not talking about much money - how could you go wrong?

16 oz. Bottles.
$11.32 / Each
Showing 1 - 45 of 45
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