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Allgyers Home Canning
These tasty products are home canned by our Amish friends here in Lancaster County and they don't seem to hang around on our market shelves very long. Choose from eight delicious flavors that this family preserves and pickles with flavorful, nutritious vegetables.
Jake & Amos
Jake and Amos is another flavorful line of canned goods produced right here in Lancaster County. Using the finest ingredients, Jake and Amos have captivated the true essence of "homemade" through the Amish Style Recipes which have been handed down through the generations combining hand picked fresh vegetables, fruits and seasonings - all of which the folks at your house will consider to be quite special!
Glick's Homemade Sauerkraut Kauffman's "7 Day" Sweet Pickles - 16 oz.
These may take a long time to make but the results are worth the wait!

16 oz Jars.
Kauffman's Bread & Butter Pickles - 16 oz.
Wonderful Lancaster County produced Bread & Butter pickles - what more can we say?

16 oz. Jars.
Kauffman's Dill Pickles - 16 oz.
All Natural, All Delicious and All Homemade right here in the Amish Country!

16 oz. Jars.
Leacock Manor Homemade Horseradish
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