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Kutztown & PA Dutch Sodas
Kutztown Soda Works soft drinks (yes, they're produced in Kutztown, PA) are made from the original premium recipes developed around the turn of the century (the twentieth one, that is) and with the finest ingredients obtainable. This is the most popular line of sodas that we carry here at Kauffman's!

You'll love the unique taste of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, whether the great taste takes you back to your childhood, or is making a memorable first impression. What could be more refreshing then enjoying this soda classic?
R.C. Bigelow, Inc. has produced quality teas since 1945 and has grown to become one of America's leading producers of this, an American favorite hot beverage. We, here at Kauffman's, are pleased to offer these selections for your relaxation and benefit. (If tea party history and etiquette are of interest, check out A Dish of Tea, a little volume by Bear Wallow Books).

Mint Brook Meadow Teas, Ltd. is a agrarian effort by two farmers, Dante & Twila Tropea, to grow and package their own herbs as well as to offer teas of other planters throughout the world. These folks from the Newman Valley of Ohio aim to provide a crop of high quality, giving the consumer the same flavors in their cup of tea as in the cups which they themselves drink! Mint Brook Meadows, instead of freeze drying or sun curing, air-dry their herbs slowly and protected from direct sunlight resulting in that great green appearance,fine freshness and many flavor undertones!
Unsweetened & Organic Juices
The best ingredients produce juices true to nature and the R.W. Knudsen Familyr provides an unsweetened and organic selection that should pretty much satisfy every preference and taste. The quality and nutritional integrity of their company and products is unsurpassed. After you try these you'll be glad you did!
Waist Watcher Diet Sodas Shank's Birch Beer Extract
On Sale!
Root beer may be more widely known but after you try birch beer you will probably be convinced!

4 fl. oz. Bottles.
Shank's Root Beer Extract
On Sale!
Create refreshing root beer floats with this old fashioned root beer extract.

4 fl. oz. Bottles.
Stoltzfus Root Beer Extract
On Sale!
Mixing and preparation instructions on bottle detail how you can have a all-family-favorite drink on hand in just over 48 hours!.

4 fl. oz. Bottles.
The Water Guy Natural Spring Water
On Sale!
Sourced right here in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, this should quench your thirst in a healthful way.

24 fl. oz. Bottles with Sport Caps.
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