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The Bear Wallow Cookbook series is a superb collection (forty titles to choose from) that has been a fixture at Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market for ever so long. These offering are chock full of old-fashioned recipes using most any fruit, vegetable, or staple imaginable (from Apple to Zucchini and lots in between!) while others highlight specific cultures (such as the Amish, Native American, New England and the South) within the American melting pot. And you will surely enjoy reading the introductory notes which touch upon early American history, origins of recipes, and historical persons or traditions associated with the subject at hand.
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Lancaster County Productions
All of the cookbooks in this section have been compiled and produced right here in the Lancaster County area and are loaded with Amish and Mennonite favorites as well as local specialty recipes.
Produce Prep & Preserving Easy BBQ Recipes
Everybody loves a good BBQ and this is THE source to help you make the most out of every one! You'll find stories of how barbequing may have originated and how this technique has evolved into today's ever-more popular form of cooking. And you'll enjoy those mouthwatering recipes for preparing beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish and vegetables. 91 pages.
Everybody knows that the secret to the best BBQ (barbecuing just may be easier than you think, you know!) is in the sauce - whether that sauce be in the form of rubs, mops or marinades. Now, with the help of many, many spices and seasonings that are available here, you can be the hit of the party with mouthwatering "secret" recipes such as Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, Sizzling Citrus BBQ Sauce, Smoky BBQ Mop and many more! 90 pages.
EASY Recipes For Wild Game And Fish
This is a classic that has stood the test of time and is a popular commodity here at our markt.

132 pages.
Guide To Spices & Herbs
Here's a valuable resource describing nearly one hundred herbs and spices-many which you can purchase right here on our online store.
The Complete Venison Cookbook
"A must for every deer hunter. This book will increase both your knowledge and your appetite for venison." John Louk

432 Pages.
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