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 Amish Cooking
Besides singnature Amish Cooking this resource also features "recipes" for making ones own soap and "Windex."

46 pages.
$3.96 / Each
 Amish Treats From My Kitchen
Another super volume from Sallie Lapp that's just bursting to introduce your taste buds to Lancaster County specialties and favorites. It specializes in breads, cakes, pies, cookies and other great desserts (and don't forget the fasnachts!) 47 pages.
$5.46 / Each
A Dish of Tea
Along with great teatime recipes, this book features interesting tidbits of tea's history and lore. You'll love it!

32 Pages.
$5.69 / Each
Apples, Apples Everywhere
Favorite recipes from America's fruit growers (apple orchards representing eighteen states) are featured in this collection.

242 Pages, soft cover.
$19.91 / Each
Ball Blue Book of Preserving
Whether you're experienced in the art of home canning or are thinking about beginning, this volume will prove to be helpful each step of the way!

118 Pages.
$16.90 / Each
Bean Lovers Cook Book
Not familiar with dishes like Bean Pate, New Orleans Red Beans or Pinto Bean Fudge? This cookbook could help you fill that lack!

105 Pages.
$12.99 / Each
BW Cookbooks, Set of 12
This set contains twelve titles from the Bear Wallow Cookbook series. Choose your titles from the complete set of forty that we sell.
$68.33 / Each
 Cooking with the Fishers
Be sure to bring your copy of this book along when you stop in at our market. We can direct you to the Fisher home for an autograph!
126 Pages.
$12.60 / Each
 Country Lane Quilts & Family Cooking
One of our newest, this cookbook was produced by the operators (who are proficient in both sewing and culinary skills!) of the well known Country Lane Quilts Shop in nearby Leola. You'll like the abundance of recipes for just about every meal need and especially the section on Amish church wedding food. 206 pages
$18.90 / Each
Canning The Amish Way
Authentic - but basic and simple - recipes gathered from lots of ladies in the Amish community.

84 Pages.
$12.43 / Each
Centre County Amish Cooking
Apple Dapple Cake, Can't Wait Apple Cake and German Raw Apple Cake - just three features from the Cakes & Frosting section of this volume.

288 Pages.

281 Pages.
$17.50 / Each
Chip and Dip Lovers Cook Book
Hungry? Company coming? Party time? It must be time for chips and dips! Here's a title that will make such times much easier and more enjoyable.

105 Pages.
$12.99 / Each
Country Canning Cookbook
Home canning is both an art and a science, says J.R. Coffey, the compiler. This resource should elevate your efforts on both of these levels!

190 Pages.
$17.95 / Each
Country Canning Cookbook II
Mr Coffey has done it again with this sequel to his earlier volume on home canning. It is a definitive resource on both the merits and how-to of this old art and science.

248 Pages.
$17.95 / Each
Easy BBQ Recipes
Everybody loves a good BBQ and this is THE source to help you make the most out of every one! You'll find stories of how barbequing may have originated and how this technique has evolved into today's ever-more popular form of cooking. And you'll enjoy those mouthwatering recipes for preparing beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish and vegetables. 91 pages.
$12.80 / Each
Everybody knows that the secret to the best BBQ (barbecuing just may be easier than you think, you know!) is in the sauce - whether that sauce be in the form of rubs, mops or marinades. Now, with the help of many, many spices and seasonings that are available here, you can be the hit of the party with mouthwatering "secret" recipes such as Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, Sizzling Citrus BBQ Sauce, Smoky BBQ Mop and many more! 90 pages.
$12.80 / Each Sorry! Item Out Of Stock. Check Back Soon!
Four Seasons Cookbook
A collection of over 700 Amish recipes from the parents of West Lykens Valley School District students.

316 Pages.
$18.92 / Each
Good and Healthy Cooking
Mouth-watering photos of every recipe are a beautiful "staple" of this NEW cookbook produced by a Plain Community mom and daughter.

204 Pages.
$24.68 / Each
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