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"The Brand Bakers use since 1945." This Pennsylvania based company specializes in quality vanilla extracts-but that's just the beginning! You'll find just about any flavoring (alcohol based) or color that you need, whether creating candy, icings, pies, fruit cocktail, sauces or even salad dressings and fish dishes in your kitchen. And to check out more vanilla products and possibilities click here.
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Butler's Pure Vanilla Extract Butler Coconut Flavor 2 oz
Can you think of times and places where a touch of delicious, milky coconut flavor would be called for? Here is what you need!

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Artificial Black Walnut Extract
"The most notable aspect of black walnut extract is that it contains essential fatty acids that the body does not produce---so it needs to be introduced through diet or supplement." From website.

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Imitation Butter Extract
Rich and buttery, this is another fine selection in the Pennsylvania produced Butler Extract line

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Imitation Clear Vanilla-Double Strength
Why use Clear Vanilla? One great advantage is that it won't discolor any of those home made goodies that you'll be creating in your kitchen soon!

8 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Imitation Dark Vanilla-Double Strength
Perfect for use in festive fruit punch beverages, milkshakes and hot cocoa as well as in many baked goods..

8 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Imitation Maple Extract
Wonderful maple flavor in those home baked good specialties- can't you almost taste it now?

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Imitation Rum Extract
This extract, like all of the Butler selections, keeps almost indefinitely when stored in a cool, dry and dark place

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Imitation Strawberry Extract
One of the newest flavors here at Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market, this extract imparts the wonderful flavor of fresh, ripe strawberries.

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Pure Almond Extract
Except for vanilla, of course, almond is always the best selling variety in our Flavoring & Extract line-up.

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Pure Anise Extract
For lots of good old licorice flavoring you'll be glad for a quantity of this extract on hand in your kitchen.

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Pure Lemon Extract
With extracts like Butler's it's easy to be a good cook!

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
Butler's Pure Peppermint Extract
Peppermint Extract, perfect for making candy canes, mints, peppermint patties and a few more candies.

2 fl. oz. Bottles.
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